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Sacramento Youth Commission

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The Sacramento Youth Commission was established by the Sacramento City Council to serve as an advisory group to provide recommendations on youth related issues in Sacramento. Since its original creation in 1993, the Sacramento Youth Commission has organized numerous public events, tackled crucial youth related issues, and worked hundreds of hours serving the Sacramento City community at-large. Young people are encouraged to attend the meetings and voice their concerns to the Sacramento Youth Commissioners. Sacramento Youth Commission is recruiting new members.  


The Sacramento Youth Commission is a youth led commission/advocacy group whose mission is to protect, preserve, and enhance the quality of life for Sacramento youth by advising the City Council and the public on issues relating to youth policies, programs, and opportunities.

Commissioner Qualification Requirements:

  • Reside or attend school in the City of Sacramento 
  • Between the ages of 14-19
  • Possess a desire  in improving the lives of youth in Sacramento


  • Provide a unique experience with city governmental procedures. 
  • Gives opportunities to help address Sacramento’s youth. 
  • Offers chances to meet motivated youth from around the city. 
  • Financially compensates time and effort with stipends. 



Eligibility Requirements and Selection Process                                           

There are two (2) ways applicants are CONSIDERED for a seat on the Sacramento Youth Commission:

1.) Attend a school in the City of Sacramento             2.) Reside in the City of Sacramento                                                      


There are two (2) ways applicants are SELECTED for a seat on the Sacramento Youth Commission:

1.) Through the District Appointment Process      2.) Through the At-Large Appointment Process

     SYC COUNCIL APPOINTMENT                                 SYC AT LARGE 


Use the example below and the current 2018 Sacramento Youth Commission Open Seats (shown in the graphic below to the left) to predetermine and identify each seat (by letter) that YOU are eligible to apply for this Commission. List each desired Commissioner seat by its assigned letter.

Sally is a student at Freedom High School in Council District 6. However, she lives in Council District 2. Please list each seat(s) that Sally is eligible for on this commission: 

Answer:  Seats C, D, K, Q, R, T and V                         
Explanation:  Based on the current 2018 Sacramento Youth Commission Open Seats (shown in the graphic below to the left):


  • Sally resides in the City of Sacramento - Council District 2, therefore she is eligible to apply for both Commission Seats C and D

  • Sally attends a school in the City of Sacramento - Council District 6, therefore she is eligible to apply for Commission Seat K
  • Sally is eligible to apply for each At- Large Commission Seat Q, R, T and V because, she resides in the City of Sacramento and/or attends a school in the City of Sacramento

Sacamento Youth Commission



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For additional information please contact Maggie White at (916) 808-6525.

Mailing Address
New City Hall
915 I Street, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Attn: Sacramento Youth Commission


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