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Parks and Community Enrichment Commission

Meetings are usually held at 6:00 p.m. during the first Thursday of each month.
For more information about the PCEC, please contact Raymond Rodriguez at 808-1040 or

Powers and Duties

Per Section 2.62.030 - Powers and Duties of Commission, the powers and duties of the commission shall be as follows:.

  • To provide recommendations and advice to the City Council and the Department of Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment on policies, projects, programs, and other matters pertaining to parks and community enrichment affecting the City of Sacramento. The matters upon which the Commission will provide recommendations and advice may be referred to the Commission by the City Council, the Director of Youth, Parks & Community Enrichment ("Director"), the community, or members of the Commission.

  • To review and provide recommendations on the development and implementation of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan as an element of the City's General Plan.

  • To review complaints and other matters pertaining to parks and community enrichment issues as requested by the Director or the City Council. 

  • To conduct an annual workshop to review the Department's annual operating budget and capital improvement plan.

  • To meet with neighborhood associations and park user groups to discuss parks and community enrichment issues and needs.

  • To encourage individuals, businesses, and community groups to contribute funds, property and volunteer services for the development and operation of parks and community enrichment facilities and programs.