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Parks & Community Enrichment Commission Volunteer Recognition

The City of Sacramento’s Parks & Community Enrichment Commission recognizes outstanding non-profit organizations semiannually. To submit a nomination, please fill out the Volunteer Recognition Nomination Form. In August, the organizations below have received the Parks & Community Enrichment Volunteer Recognition Award.


This all-volunteer organization’s mission is to promote the welfare and rescue of homeless pets and provide fulfillment for people through pet foster care while supporting community shelters in the Sacramento area. Pets are provided a safe and nurturing environment and fostering allows the animals to receive attention which helps them relieve stress. Additionally, fostering relieves pressure on the shelters by enabling often under-funded facilities to take in more homeless animals. Fosters & Paws’ volunteers who foster pets often find tremendous personal reward by saving lives and transforming homeless animals into new family members.

HWPL is a United Nations registered organization, focused on creating opportunities to engage in peace-building activities throughout the world.  Their local Northern California branch has been a part of more than 80 volunteering opportunities and partners with approximately 20 local non-profits and community associations.

Antonio Samayoa, Ayona Roy, Hailey Howell and Justine Avery Arizabal made an impact in the Sacramento community by raising awareness for speech impediments, assisting at the local food bank, creating community sharing projects including building a free library, raising resources for cancer patients and teaching Spanish to elementary school students.



(Simeon Gant – Executive Director)

Green Technical Education and Employment

This organization collaborates with community partners to stimulate economic development by engaging economically disadvantaged high school students and young adults academically and professionally. Green Tech is charged with simultaneously developing clean energy workforce skills and reversing the negative human impact on our environment.  Over the past four years, Green Tech supported equity and justice in the Del Paso Heights neighborhood by serving youth and providing quality job training and workforce development skills in urban farming, forestry, and aquaponics. Their efforts have led to the planting of over 300 trees in North Sacramento parks and community gardens. They serve over 800 students a year, most of which are experiencing economic and social challenges, to gain pathways out of poverty into green economy careers.