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Sacramento Parks 

The residents of Sacramento enjoy access to an extensive parks and recreation system that includes more than 4,265 acres of regional, community-wide, and neighborhood facilities. City facilities include 129 neighborhood parks, 56 community parks, 25 Regional/Citywide Specialty Parks, 14 Open Space areas, and 115 miles of shared-use paths. These facilities offer opportunities for exercise and enjoyment that are available to all. The benefits they provide for social interaction, personal growth, a connection to the natural environment, and wellness are invaluable.

Parks Plan 2040: The Parks Plan 2040 provides an important opportunity for residents to provide input on prioritization of improvements and identify where new parks and facilities are needed. Based on the priorities and vision of residents, the Parks Plan 2040 will recommend policies to guide in the equitable acquisition, development, and maintenance of parks for the next 20 years.


Using the Map: The above map shows basic park information, including Park Name, Type, Address, Council District, Acreage, and Partial List of Amenities. Additional information is available by clicking Map Layers, which include features such as upcoming Special Events and Routes. If you are searching for a park, please type in the park name or part of the park name. A drop down list of choices will appear.

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Park Resources



City of Sacramento parks are open from sunrise to sunset. An exception is made for a special event permittee; in which case, extra time is allowed, beforehand, for set-up and, afterward, for clean-up.


For information on park availability please call the Park Permit Office at (916) 808-6060, or email For information on obtaining a Certificate of Park Use, visit the Permit page



Neighborhood parks range in size from 2 to 10 acres, and serve a ½ mile radius. Some Neighborhood Parks are located adjacent to elementary schools and park amenities are usually oriented toward the recreation needs of children.


Community parks range in size from 6 to 60 acres, and serve a 3 mile radius or several neighborhoods.  Community Parks contain amenities found in Neighborhood Parks, but may also contain lighted sports fields or courts, skate parks, dog parks, nature areas, and off-street parking and restrooms. Specialized amenities may also be found in Community Parks including community centers, water play areas or swimming pools.


Regional parks generally range from 75 to 200 acres and serve the entire City and beyond. Amenities in Regional Parks may include all the amenities found in Community Parks and also include sports complexes, large scale picnic areas, golf courses, and region-wide attractions.

If you are planning a picnic, family get-together or office outing in your local park you may need a Picnic Permit.  A Certificate for Park Use is required for any activity with 50 or more people and/or in which assembly is intended to last more than 30 minutes.