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Construction at City of Sacramento Parks

28th & B Skate Park 
The existing skate park has a few items which have been shut down to the public because they have safety issues. This project will repair the items which are currently out of service and it will also replace some older ramps and skate elements. Construction will begin the second week of January and will continue until the end of March 2019. 
28th & B Skate Park page 

Army Depot Park 
Construction at this site is going to start on October 3rd and will proceed through March 2019. During construction this park will be closed to the public. The proposed construction project will be installation of two new senior-size baseball fields to replace the existing McAuliffe Baseball Complex. In addition to the two new fields there will be the installation of a new parking lot, concession building with restroom, batting cages and maintenance yard. The existing baseball field will be converted into a youth-size baseball field.
Army Depot Park page

Barandas Park Dog Park -  A small and a large dog park will be constructed at Barandas Park this summer on the corner of Grassland Dr. and West El Camino Rd. Construction will begin in mid-June 2019 and will be complete with the dog parks open in October 2019.
Barandas Park page

Camellia Park Tennis Court Camellia Park Tennis Court - The tennis court improvements are complete were opened by May 3.
Camellia Park page

East Lawn Children's Park – Project complete. Grand opening event was on 3-8-19 and new playground improvements are currently opened to the public.
East Lawn Children's Park page  

Garcia Bend Park:
Garcia Bend Park's restroom is currently shut down until middle of April. The restroom is being renovated and will be reopened to the public in middle of April. In the meantime a portable restroom will be provided at the park.
Garcia Bend Park page.

Gardenland Park:
This park's spray feature is currently out of order.
Gardenland Park page

Glenn Hall Park Tree Expansion Project – Project includes expansion of 3 existing tree planters adjacent to the pool facility and irrigation modification.  Construction will begin in mid-May 2019 to be completed in June 2019.
Glenn Hall Park page

McClatchy Park Baseball Field Renovation - The improvements will consist of drainage, concrete walkways, renovation of two baseball field backstops, player’s areas and infields, chain link fencing and chain link fabric replacement, metal shade structures over the dugouts, irrigation modifications, landscaping, electrical, park signage, bullpens, batting cages, scoreboard, public address system and site furniture. The ball fields will be closed during construction. Construction began in November 2018, and with the heavy seasonal rain the construction complete has been delayed until July 2019.
McClatchy Park page

McKinley Water Vault Project -construction fencing will go up at McKinley Park around the existing baseball field, corporate picnic area, and the horseshoe courts in mid-May 2019 for construction of the water vault project. The jogging trail will remain open. Construction is expected to take 24 months. The jogging trail will remain open around the entire park except the section between McKinley Park and the Shephard Garden & Arts Park. The tennis court area will remain open and be unaffected. Please visit the project webpage: for updates. See a visual rendering of the proposed park improvements as part of this project at: Construction is expected to be complete by June 2021.
McKinley Park page

Mesa Grande Park Renaming – Mesa Grande Park will be renamed to Willie Caston Park. Existing park sign will be replaced with the new ‘Willie Caston Park’ sign in late May 2019
Mesa Grande Park page

Nielsen Park Tennis Court and Playground Renovation - The playground renovation is complete and was opened in March, and the tennis court/basketball improvements were completed and open by May 3. 
Nielson Park page

North Natomas Regional Park Dog Park Relocation - The improvements will consist of constructing a 0.5 acre small and a 2.0-acre large dog park. The dog parks will include turf and decomposed aggregate, paving, rule signage, chain link fencing and gates, drinking fountains, dog wash faucets, a fire hydrant spray feature, dog agility equipment, 20’ sq. fabric shade canopies, concrete benches, trash receptacles, automatic irrigation system, turf, landscaping, shade trees and a landscape establishment period. The existing dog parks will remain open during the construction. Construction of the new dog parks will begin be complete in late May, and opened by the end of July 2019 after the 60-day turf sod establishment period. 
North Natomas Regional Park page

Natomas Oaks Park Sign - Additional park sign will be installed at the intersection of Garden Highway and Gateway Oaks Drive on the Natomas Oaks Park site. Construction will begin in mid-May 2019 and completed by June 2019.
Natomas Oaks Park page

Pannell Basketball Court Renovation
One of the basketball courts was removed last year for a remediation project completed by City Facilities. In January 2019, a new basketball court will be installed where the old was removed; there will also be irrigation repair, installation of new landscaping, resurfacing of the existing basketball court, and re-installation of the park lighting within this area.
Sam & Bonnie Pannell Community Center Park page

Oak Park Community Center Campus
On site construction will begin in January 2019 and the improvements consist of the following: grading, concrete curbing, irrigation, landscaping, concrete walkways, security cameras and fencing. Improvements are schedule to be completed by the end of March 2019.
Oak Park page

Richfield Park Renaming - Richfield Park will be renamed to LeVar Burton Park. Existing park sign will be replaced with the new ‘LeVar Burton Park’ sign and bronze plaque in May 2019. Park renaming dedication event is scheduled on June 11, 2019 at 10:30am at LeVar Burton Park (formerly Richfield Park).
Richfield Park page

River Cats Independence Field
This project is currently under construction and it consists of resurfacing the rubber top coating for the accessible field and installation of new shade structures for the dugouts. The Field resurfacing project will be completed at the end of November 2018 and the dugout shade structures will be completed in March 2019
Access Leisure Page

Shasta Community Park Playground Renovation:
This project will begin in June 2019 and completed in July 2019. The picnic shelters and water spray area will remain open. The work will include resurfacing the playground poured-in-place rubber surfacing, replacing missing shade fabric on shade umbrella, repainting the various concrete animals and replacing the damaged book panels, adding two missing spring risers, and replacing the water spray area equipment enclosure.
Shasta Community Park Page

South Natomas Community Park Restroom Screen – Project complete.
South Natomas Community Park page

Swainson Hawk Park
This first phase improvements at this park consist of removal of the dead no-mow fescue grass, renovation of the irrigation within the old no-mow fescue area and installation of new turf hydroseeding.  This project started construction at the end of October and is expected to be completed by the end of March 2019.
Swainson Hawk Park page

Woodlake Park Playground Renovation -  The improvements will consist removal and replacement of existing playground equipment and playground wood fiber, accessible concrete paving repairs, tubular steel gates and fencing repairs, park and playground rule signage, drinking fountain replacement and benches. The existing playgrounds will be closed during construction. Construction will began in March and be completed before the end of May.
Woodlake Park page