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City Park Directory

Parks add to the beauty of our city and represent a place where residents and visitors can go to relax, reflect and recreate. There are 223 parks and parkways totaling nearly 4,255.5 acres of land in the City of Sacramento.

For information on park availability please call the Park Permit Office at (916) 808-6060, or questions can be emailed to


























University Park North/SouthArden-ArcadeNo
Del Paso Regional ParkArden-ArcadeNo
Ali Youssefi SquareCentral CityNo
Brooks Truitt ParkCentral CityNo
Cannery PlazaCentral CityNo
Johnson ParkCentral CityNo
James Marshall ParkCentral CityNo
Matsui Waterfront ParkCentral CityNo
William McKinley ParkCentral CityYes
Muir Childrens ParkCentral CityNo
O'Neil FieldCentral CityYes
Pioneer LandingCentral CityNo
Roosevelt ParkCentral CityYes
Sacramento River ParkwayCentral CityNo
Southside ParkCentral CityYes
Stanford ParkCentral CityYes
Sutter's Landing ParkCentral CityNo
Tiscornia ParkCentral CityNo
Township 9 ParkCentral CityNo
Vine ParkCentral CityNo
Washington ParkCentral CityNo
Winn ParkCentral CityNo
Zapata ParkCentral CityNo
Grant ParkCentral CityNo
Cesar Chavez PlazaCentral CityYes
Crocker ParkCentral CityNo
Fremont Community GardenCentral CityNo
Fremont Park (John)Central CityYes
McKinley ParkEast SacramentoYes
Michael Himovitz ParkEast SacramentoNo
Oki ParkEast SacramentoYes
Post ParkEast SacramentoNo
R. Burnett Miller ParkEast SacramentoNo
Ricardo Favela ParkEast SacramentoNo
River ParkEast SacramentoNo
Russ Solomon ParkEast SacramentoNo
Sutter ParkEast SacramentoNo
Bertha Henschel ParkEast SacramentoYes
Coloma ParkEast SacramentoNo
East Lawn Childrens ParkEast SacramentoNo
East Portal ParkEast SacramentoYes
Glenbrook ParkEast SacramentoYes
Glenn Hall ParkEast SacramentoYes
21st Avenue ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Artivio Guerrero ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Earl Warren ParkFruitridge BroadwayYes
Fong ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Lawrence ParkFruitridge BroadwayYes
McClatchy ParkFruitridge BroadwayYes
Danny Nunn ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Oak ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
George Sim ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Tahoe ParkFruitridge BroadwayYes
Tahoe Tallac ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Temple Avenue ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Army Depot ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Max Baer ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Bean ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Camellia ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Colonial ParkFruitridge BroadwayYes
Fourth Avenue ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Granite Regional ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
Greenfair ParkFruitridge BroadwayNo
CrockerVillageParkLand ParkNo
James Mangan ParkLand ParkYes
Miller Regional ParkLand ParkYes
Olympians ParkLand ParkNo
Plaza CervantesLand ParkNo
Sacramento River ParkwayLand ParkNo
Sierra 2 GreenLand ParkNo
Bahnfleth ParkLand ParkNo
Brockway ParkLand ParkNo
Chicory Bend ParkLand ParkNo
Belle Cooledge Community Center ParkLand ParkNo
Belle Cooledge Park SouthLand ParkNo
Ray Eames ParkLand ParkNo
Curtis ParkLand ParkNo
William Land Regional ParkLand ParkYes
Ashton ParkNon City ParksYes
Capitol ParkNon City ParksYes
Discovery ParkNon City ParksYes
Eastern Oak ParkNon City ParksNo
Elk Grove Regional ParkNon City ParksYes
Folsom LakeNon City ParksYes
Gibbons ParkNon City ParksYes
Howe ParkNon City ParksYes
Maddox ParkNon City ParksNo
Mission North ParkNon City ParksNo
Oak Meadow ParkNon City ParksNo
Orville Wright ParkNon City ParksNo
Paradise BeachNon City ParksYes
Prairie City SVRANon City ParksYes
Rancho Seco Recreational AreaNon City ParksYes
River Bend ParkNon City ParksNo
Shelfield ParkNon City ParksNo
Swanston ParkNon City ParksYes
Valley Oak ParkNon City ParksNo
Windemere ParkNon City ParksNo
World Peace Rose GardenNon City ParksNo
Airfield ParkNorth NatomasNo
Alder ParkNorth NatomasNo
Eventide ParkNorth NatomasNo
Kokomo ParkNorth NatomasNo
Lakeshore ParkNorth NatomasNo
Lakeview ParkNorth NatomasNo
Linden ParkNorth NatomasNo
Magnolia ParkNorth NatomasNo
Meadows Community ParkNorth NatomasNo
Northborough ParkNorth NatomasNo
Northlake Community Park SiteNorth NatomasNo
North Natomas Community ParkNorth NatomasYes
North Natomas Park Nature AreaNorth NatomasNo
North Natomas Regional ParkNorth NatomasYes
Peregrine ParkNorth NatomasNo
Quail ParkNorth NatomasNo
Red Tail Hawk ParkNorth NatomasNo
Redbud ParkNorth NatomasNo
Regency Community ParkNorth NatomasYes
River Birch Park SiteNorth NatomasNo
River View ParkNorth NatomasNo
San Juan Reservoir ParkNorth NatomasNo
Skylark ParkNorth NatomasNo
Sparrow Community GardenNorth NatomasNo
Sparrow ParkNorth NatomasNo
Sundance ParkNorth NatomasNo
Sunhaven ParkNorth NatomasNo
Swainson's Hawk ParkNorth NatomasNo
Sycamore ParkNorth NatomasNo
Tanzanite Community ParkNorth NatomasYes
Valley Oak ParkNorth NatomasNo
Walter Ueda ParkwayNorth NatomasNo
Westhampton ParkNorth NatomasNo
Westlake Community ParkNorth NatomasYes
Westshore ParkNorth NatomasNo
Wild Rose ParkNorth NatomasNo
Willow ParkNorth NatomasNo
Witter Ranch ParkNorth NatomasYes
Autumn Meadow ParkNorth NatomasNo
Blackbird ParkNorth NatomasNo
Blue Oak ParkNorth NatomasNo
Burberry ParkNorth NatomasNo
California Lilac ParkNorth NatomasNo
Cottonwood ParkNorth NatomasNo
Dogwood ParkNorth NatomasNo
Egret ParkNorth NatomasNo
Elderberry ParkNorth NatomasNo
Fishermans Lake ParkwayNorth NatomasNo
Golden Poppy ParkNorth NatomasNo
Heron ParkNorth NatomasNo
Hummingbird ParkNorth NatomasNo
Harrier ParkNorth NatomasNo
Carl Johnston ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Hagginwood ParkNorth SacramentoYes
Hansen Ranch ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Mackey Memorial ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Margarette Marks ParkNorth SacramentoYes
North Pointe ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Nuevo ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Rea ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Redwood ParkNorth SacramentoYes
Richardson Village ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Robert Brookins ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Robertson ParkNorth SacramentoYes
Robla Community ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Sacramento Northern ParkwayNorth SacramentoNo
Strawberry Manor ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Triangle ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Two Rivers TrailNorth SacramentoNo
Walter Ueda ParkwayNorth SacramentoNo
Winner's Circle ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Woodlake ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Dixieanne Tot Lot ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Five Star ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Gateway ParkNorth SacramentoNo
Lewis ParkPocketNo
Marriott ParkPocketNo
North Point Way River AccessPocketNo
Parkway Oaks ParkPocketNo
Pocket Canal ParkwayPocketNo
Portuguese Community ParkPocketNo
Reichmuth ParkPocketYes
Renfree ParkPocketNo
Sacramento River ParkwayPocketNo
Seymour ParkPocketNo
Shore ParkPocketNo
Sojourner Truth ParkPocketNo
Tony Court ParkPocketNo
Zacharias ParkPocketNo
Z'berg ParkPocketNo
Charter Pointe ParkPocketNo
Cool Wind Way ParkPocketNo
Dutra ParkPocketNo
Garcia Bend ParkPocketYes
Cove ParkSouth NatomasNo
Fong Ranch ParkSouth NatomasNo
Garden Highway Bike TrailSouth NatomasNo
Ray and Judy Tretheway Oak PreserveSouth NatomasYes
Ninos ParkSouth NatomasNo
Ninos ParkwaySouth NatomasNo
Northgate ParkSouth NatomasYes
Oakbrook ParkSouth NatomasNo
Orchard ParkSouth NatomasNo
Parkebridge ParkSouth NatomasNo
Park PlazaSouth NatomasNo
Park Site SN4South NatomasNo
River Otter ParkSouth NatomasNo
Sand Cove ParkSouth NatomasNo
Shorebird ParkSouth NatomasNo
South Natomas Community ParkSouth NatomasNo
Two Rivers ParkSouth NatomasNo
Walter Ueda ParkwaySouth NatomasNo
Bannon CreekSouth NatomasNo
Barandas ParkSouth NatomasNo
Chuckwagon ParkSouth NatomasNo
Gardenland ParkSouth NatomasYes
Jefferson ParkSouth NatomasNo
Sally Hudson ParkSouth NatomasNo
Airport ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Anthony ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Argonaut ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Cabrillo ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Chorley Park (William)South SacramentoYes
Conlin Youth Sports Complex ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Cosumnes River College ParkSouth SacramentoNo
24th Street BypassSouth SacramentoNo
Hampton ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Jones ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Kemble ParkSouth SacramentoNo
King, Jr. ParkSouth SacramentoNo
LeVar Burton ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Maple ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Meadowview ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Meadowview Estates Open SpaceSouth SacramentoNo
Nielsen ParkSouth SacramentoNo
North Laguna Creek ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Phoenix GreenSouth SacramentoNo
Pollack Ranch ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Reith ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Sam and Bonnie Pannell Community Center ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Shasta Community ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Silva ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Strauch ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Valley Hi Community ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Willie Caston ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Woodbine ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Wood ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Hite ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Hopkins ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Jacinto Creek ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Charlie Jensen ParkSouth SacramentoNo
Franklin Boyce Community ParkSouth SacramentoYes
Freeport ParkSouth SacramentoNo