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Walter S. Ueda Parkway

Walter S. Ueda Parkway Sign, Trail, Water way, Bike Trail

6600 Sorento Road, Rio Linda, CA 95673

This 491.84 acre park includes the following amenities:

  • Signage
  • Bike / Walking Trail (12.5 miles)

Community Plan Area: North Sacramento (CPA 8), North Natomas (10) and South Natomas (CPA 9)
Amenities: signage, bike/walking trails


 Walter S Ueda Parkway 12.5 mile trail

Ueda Map 1   Ueda Map 2

Ueda Parkway Map 1


Ueda Parkway Map 2

Ueda Map 3   Ueda Map 4

Ueda Parkway Map 3


Ueda Parkway Map 4