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New McClatchy Park Amusement Park Design Play Area

Park Planning and Development Services

Valley Oak Master Plan Image representing the projects of Park Planning

Park Planning and Development Services (PPDS) division is responsible for park planning, parkland acquisition, park master planning, and the design and development of new - or renovation of existing - neighborhood, community and regional parks.

Advance Planning

Primary Responsibilities
  • Advance planning for Neighborhood, Community and Regional Parks
  • Development Project Review/Conditioning; meeting of Quimby/Park Development Impact Fee and related requirements
  • Land Acquisition and related Real Estate transactions
  • River Corridor/Parkway/Trails/Open Space Planning 
  • Natural Resource Management of Parks and Recreation System

Landscape Architecture

The Landscape Architecture Section of the Department of Youth, Parks, & Community Enrichment is responsible for the design, renovation and construction of new or existing City of Sacramento parks, parkways, and off-street bikeways. This includes neighborhood, community, and regional parks with the following recreation amenities: playgrounds, picnic areas, sports fields and courts, dog parks, and skate parks, etc.

Park Planning and development Staff

Park Design and Development Documents

City of Sacramento Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2005-2010 Technical Update:

City of Sacramento Park Project PROGRAMMING Guide:

The Parks Project Programming Guide (PPPG) identifies, evaluates, ranks, and prioritizes unfunded park and recreation projects, including acquisitions, repair/rehabilitation, development, community facility, and regional projects. A new PPPG is generally prepared every two years; the posted version will be in effect until such time as an update is completed and approved by City Council.