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Image of Reed and Poppy Spray Park Features at Guerrero Park

Spray Parks

City of Sacramento Spray Parks are open 10am - 8pm daily and operate Memorial through Labor Day weekends. 

Spray Feature




Gardenland Park



8200 Ramona Avenue

Jefferson Park



1900 Roma Court

Strawberry Manor Park



200 Danville Way

Golden Poppy Park



5765 Tres Pieza Drive

Magnolia Park



251 Greg Thatch Circle

N. Natomas Regional Park



4989 Natomas Blvd.

Shasta Community Park



7407 Shasta Avenue

Valley Oak Park



2780 Marbury Drive

McClatchy Park



3500 5th Avenue

Guerrero Park



6000 61st Street

Wild Rose Park



5200 Kankee Drive

Witter Ranch



3795 Saintsbury Drive