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Aquatics Events

Fall 2022 Aquatics Events: Doggy Dip Day and Floating Pumpkin Patch


Come join us for an afternoon plunging into one of our pumpkin patch pools! Play games and decorate a pumpkin. Normal pool rules apply. Participants are required to wear swimming attire in the water. Non-swimmers must be accompanied by an adult within an arm’s reach while in the water. Only City-issued life jackets allowed (available on-site free of charge). Children 12 and under must be accompanied by a supervising adult.

*Pre-registration Required due to limited Pumpkins and Pool Space*

Fee: $5 with pumpkin, $2 without pumpkin

Register HERE


Pannell Meadowview
#20083/ 20079
Thursday, October 27

Clunie Pool
#20081/ #20078
Saturday, October 29

North Natomas Aquatics Complex
#20082/ #20080
Sunday, October 30


Owners are invited to bring their favorite pups out for a dip in the pool and enjoy treats as our facility "goes to the dogs." Dogs must be licensed and vaccinated, and owners must be prepared for clean-up duty. Lifeguards will be on site during this dogs-only swimming event.
Includes admission for one dog and up to two owners.
Fee: $5 per dog and up to two owners
Pannell Meadowview
Saturday, Nov 5 - 10am-2pm #20085
Sunday, Nov 6 - 10am-2pm #20084