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Personal Journeys Photo ProjectTwo women looking at Personal Journeys Photo Display

She’s the host of a radio program and actively involved in Public Access TV. Creative writing, poetry and life history writing are just some of her passions. While in a shop in Folsom, she found a crystal ball that felt warm to the touch—she knew it was meant to be hers. When a fire broke out at her home in 2001, she lost everything, except for a cherished hand mirror that was in her purse. It was a gift from her then five-year-old son in 1971, which he bought for 17 cents. Three years ago, she suffered a heart attack and had a Pacemaker implanted, which has not stopped her from living life to the fullest with a vibrant,energetic spirit that inspires those around her.

She is just one of the ten individuals featured in the Personal Journeys Photo Project, which showcases the diverse characteristics – both visible and invisible –of the Hart Senior Center community.

From across the country and around the world, ten older adults have found a community here at Hart Senior Center. “How did I end up here?” they might ask themselves. Unique paths in life have led them here and to who they are today.

These people embody the spirit of Hart Senior Center. They have learned from their experiences, but never want to stop learning and living life to its fullest. They are curious and engaged. They are parents, grandparents, teachers, dancers, DJs, gardeners, volunteers, writers, and friends. This Personal Journeys Photography Project displays collages of intimate mementos reflecting the diversity of their careers, hobbies, ambitions, families, cultures, talents, and values. The collages, each alongside a corresponding portrait, will be on permanent display in the Hart Senior Center’s Redwood Room corridor.

What’s the magic equation for aging well? Is it about health? Exercise? Attitudes and perspectives? We think it’s the sum of all these things, plus a lifetime of experiences to build upon.

These ten people, along with hundreds of others with their own unique journeys, are Hart Senior Center.

The Personal Journeys Photo Project will be on permanent display at the Hart Senior Center. View photo highlights from the unveiling: