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Special Events and Workshops

BRIDGE REFRESHER COURSE W/DIANE BALTER: Fridays, May 10, 24, 31, & June 7 and 14. 1pm-4pm. Want to polish your bridge playing skills for an upcoming game? Join Diane’s refresher course starting this month. Learn different tricks and rules to win a game. All levels are welcome! Cost: Free

BELLY DANCING FOR SENIORS!: Fridays, May 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31. 2:30pm - 3:30pm. Cost:
Materials fee is $10 for 5 lessons and includes props. Many people are familiar with the elegant postures and exotic Middle Eastern dance movements of belly dance, but have you ever tried it? Belly dancing is a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time. Join trained dancer and instructor, Clara Chapala, for this session which will include a brief history of the art and instruction primarily in Classical Egyptian belly dance, as well as other forms, steps and trends including American Tribal and fusion dances like Spanish Gypsy dance. This dance style is a great form of exercise for all ages and shapes and most belly dance moves flow with the body’s natural way of moving, so the graceful steps are gentle on the joints. Please join us for this session. Register by visiting or calling the reception desk.

MULTI-GENRE WRITING GROUP: Thursdays, 2pm-3:30pm beginning May 2nd. Cost: Free
Multi-genre writing is a fine mix of imagination and experience. This type of writing responds to various conceptions of genre, audience, voice, arrangement and style. The writing group prompts the participants to tap into their knowledge about new media literacies, rich rhetorical situations, and the multiple perspectives that are inherent in any writing activity. Come join us on Thursdays beginning this month to share, explore and build on your creative writing! Materials are provided and the cost is FREE.

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL PARK: River Cats on Tuesday, May 15th 10:30 am.
Join friends from Hart Senior Center for a day at Raley’s Baseball Field in West Sacramento to see the River Cats on Tuesday, May 15. Tickets include transportation at 10:30 a.m. from the Hart Center, group seats (in the shade), and a food voucher. The return trip to Hart will be at approximately 4pm. Limited seats are available and advance registration is required. Tickets are priced at $28. Sign up by visiting or calling the reception desk at Hart Center.

ON-DEMAND Ride Sharing, Professional Services & More- Free Workshop: Presented by Jennifer Harmonson with Sacramento Public Library. Friday, May 31st. 10am-11:30am. Cost: Free. Need to catch a ride? You don’t need to hail a taxi anymore! Now you can use your smartphone to hire a driver and join the rapidly expanding world of ridesharing. This one-hour workshop provides a brief overview of many apps that can be used on most smartphones and tablets. To sign up for this free workshop, call the Hart Senior Center or email our TechConnections Program Coordinator; Quincia Burleson at:

Taiko Drumming w/Kristy Oshiro:
Beginning Lessons- Cost: $30/3 Lessons Mondays, May 6,13 & 20. 3:45p-4:45p

Taiko Drumming w/Kristy Oshiro:
Intermediate Lessons- Cost: $50/5 Lessons Wednesdays, May 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29. 3:45p-4:45p

TAI CHI! Mondays, 10:30am- 11:30am: Cost: $25/4 classes
TAI CHI! Wednesdays, 1pm-2pm: Cost: $25/4 classes
Tai Chi, a slow-moving meditative exercise used for relaxation, has the additional benefit of improving balance and preventing falls. Studies show that practicing Tai Chi help decrease stress and anxiety and help increase energy, stamina, flexibility, and muscle strength. The fundamental principles of traditional Tai Chi involve weight bearing stances, postural correct body alignment and coordinated movements performed in a slow, continuous, circular and flowing manner.

Books With Hart: Friday, June 3rd 10:00-11:30 a.m. Cost: Free “Two Sisters: A Father, His Daughters, and Their Journey into the Syrian Jihad” by Asne Seierstad.
Copies will be available at the Hart Center’s front reception desk on a first come, first served basis beginning Friday, May 3rd. An unforgettable story of a family divided by faith. Children of Somali immigrants being raised in Norway, the titular two sisters run away to Syria to aid the Islamic State. This true account traces their journey to radicalism, and their father’s traumatic attempt to find them.

Great Books: Monday, May 20th 10a-12pm, Cost: Free Great Books Discussion Group is free, open to all and meets every fourth Monday of each month.

Writing for Self-Discovery w/ Latifu Munirah; “Goal Setting 101”: Friday May 10th, 10am-11:30am. Cost: FREE - 
Sessions are facilitated by volunteer Latifu Munirah every 2nd Friday of each month. We are nearing the end of the first quarter of a New Year!!! Where are you in terms of achieving those new resolutions for 2019, left over goals from 2018, or even earlier? If you are giving a “Dah?” response, consider joining us for a two-part series (April and May) on goal setting-and-achieving! We will explore interesting tips to inject life into your actions and manifest your desires! Writing materials will be provided. Space is limited, sign up in advance by visiting or calling the front reception desk.

Cinema and Conversation Circle w/ Latifu Munirah:
Friday, May 24th, 9:45am-11:45am. Cost: Free.

Poetry Appreciation Series w/Marie Taylor:
Featuring Ezra Pound & T.S. Eliot. Friday, May 24th 1pm-2:30, Cost: $5. According to T. S. Eliot, Ezra pound is more responsible for twentieth century revolution in poetry than any other individual. Pound’s contribution to poetry began with his development of Imagism which stresses clarity, precision and economy of language. No experience necessary! Everyone is welcome. There will be no critiques, no tests, no sweat-just poetry. Join us while we read and discuss the heart felt poetry in a friendly relaxed setting. Register by visiting or calling the front desk in advance.

AARP Smart Driver Course: Monday May 20th & Tuesday May 21st 1pm-5pm, Cost: Non-Refundable Fee $15 for AARP members & $20 for non-members.
This 8-hour course is split into two sessions. You will learn Defensive driving techniques, Proven safety strategies, New traffic laws and rules of the road. There is no test to pass, you simply sign up and learn. Upon completion you could receive a multi-year discount on your car insurance. Consult your insurance agent for details. For information on how to register with AARP instructor and to pick up a registration form, please visit the front desk.

TRIPLE-R Caregiver and Dementia Workshop Series:
• Permission to Live (Life After Caregiving) Workshop Series: RSVP IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND
This new ten session series began on January 2, 2019. This series is designed to work with individuals struggling to reclaim their life after being a long-term caregiver. Participants are encouraged to rediscover their talents and dreams, work with feelings of grief or guilt and move along on the path of having a full life after caregiving. For additional information or questions/concerns, contact Stephanie Wilson (916) 808-1591 or Cost is $20 for all ten sessions, limited scholarship available—CLASS FULL
• Caregiving and the Search for Self (What Happened to my Life) Workshop Series: RSVP IS REQUIRED TO ATTEND.
As a caregiver you often hear that you need to take care of yourself, but how do you really do that? This ten session workshop series will explore sustainable self-care. The program will explore cultivating compassion (and combating compassion fatigue) as well as physical, emotional and spiritual health. Each session will be an opportunity to add new skills and flexibility in caring for yourself while caring for your loved one. Cost: $20 for all ten sessions, limited scholarship is available. —CLASS FULL
• Monthly Dementia Caregiver Support Group -
The City of Sacramento hosts a monthly Alzheimer’s Association support group for caregivers taking care of a loved one with dementia every second Friday of the month. Support group meetings provide education and emotional support so that caregivers do not feel alone. Those providing care for their loved ones with dementia have a wealth of experience to share with each other and can also look to each other for support and advice. Cost: Free.

2019 Workshops: 

Mark Your Calendars! 

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL PARK: River Cats on Tuesday, May 15th 10:30 am.
Join friends from Hart Senior Center for a day at Raley’s Baseball Field in West Sacramento to see the River Cats on Tuesday, May 15. Tickets include transportation at 10:30 a.m. from the Hart Center, group seats (in the shade), and a food voucher. The return trip to Hart will be at approximately 4pm. Limited seats are available and advance registration is required. Tickets are priced at $28. Sign up by visiting or calling the reception desk at Hart Center.

2019 ARTS AND ADVENTURE IN THE SIERRAS SENIOR CAMP: August 5th - 9th, 2019 The City of Sacramento’s 50+ Wellness Program hosts an affordable, mini-vacation at Camp Sacramento in the Eldorado National Forest. It’s an opportunity to enjoy scenery, participate in professionally led art workshops, and even go adventure day trips like biking along scenic Lake Tahoe—all included in the standard fee. This year’s Senior Camp offers a wide variety of opportunities during your five-day four-night stay in addition to meals, traditional camp activities and social events. Lodging is in rustic, but comfortable cabins at this charming, historic camp operated by the City of Sacramento since 1920. Some campers like to fit in as many activities as possible, but you can do as many or little as you like on your vacation! For more information or to check availability, call or email our 50+ Wellness Coordinator at (916) 808-1593,