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Hart Senior Center Hybrid Classes and Workshops


Message from Ethel Macleod Hart Senior Center

Greetings, Hart Senior Center friends:



Effective on July 30, 2021, at 12:01 a.m., by order of the Sacramento County Department of Public Health, face coverings shall be worn, regardless of vaccination status, over the mouth and nose, in all indoor public settings, venues, gatherings, and workplaces, such as, but not limited to: offices, retail stores, restaurants and bars, theaters, family entertainment centers, conference centers, and state and local government offices serving the public.


The return of in-person programming at Hart continues, with the addition of several popular programs during the early weeks of July. See below for details and continue to read Hart News Weekly throughout the summer to learn of additional programs being offered. Participation requires advance registration, and the Center will remain closed to all but those registered for a class. Safety precautions such as social distancing and mask wearing are still in place.

We hope to expand offerings to other types of classes and programs in the near future. To stay up-to-date on Hart Center offerings and learn how to register for classes:

In the meantime, check out our fun Welcome Back Video with an overview from staff on what’s in store for you!




New walking groups for those who are 50+ years will meet to walk for healthy living in your neighborhood! Join your neighbors for a walk led by older adult services staff. Please meet at the front of the building. Locations and meeting times are below:

  • George Sim Community Center- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am
  • Oak Park Community Center- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30am
  • Sam & Bonnie Pannell Meadowview Community Center- Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays at 9am
  • South Natomas Community Center- Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9am

Beginning Japanese Taiko

Led by professional taiko artist and teacher, Kristy Oshiro, each session will cover basic technique and rhythms as well as a little history and Japanese language. Each 4-week session will feature a new taiko song for students to learn, so participants can take the class again and again. No prior experience required; new students of all physical and musical abilities are welcome. All equipment is provided; comfortable clothing and footwear recommended. Inquire about upcoming session registration fees, dates and register in advance at the Center.

Intermediate Japanese Taiko Drumming Class with Kristy Oshiro

Led by professional taiko artist and teacher, Kristy Oshiro, this class covers intermediate-level taiko techniques, rhythms, and songs. You must have taken at least one 4-week beginning taiko class and have the instructor's permission to sign up. For questions and instructor permission, please contact Kristy Oshiro at All equipment is provided; comfortable clothing and footwear recommended. Inquire about upcoming session registration fees, dates and register in advance at the Center.

Beginning Line Dance

Free In-Person Classes
Thursdays, 8:15 am- 8:45 am.

Our Beginning Line Dance class is designed to serve as an introduction to the basic line dancing steps, terminology, and techniques needed to join our lively group of dancers. Participants may then join the 9am class so they can apply what they’ve learned. Register using the link below or call the Hart Center (916) 808-5462.
Registration Link:

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga

Mondays and Fridays, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Gentle Vinyasa Yoga practices the basic, fundamental yoga postures to align, strengthen, and promote flexibility in the body. It emphasizes on simplicity, repetition, and ease of movement. Join the new class offering led by instructor Autumn. Bring a yoga mat, towel, some water, and your own unique energy! Beginners are always welcome. Class fee varies month to month. Call for fees: 916-808-5462

Line Dancing

Free In-Person Classes
Thursdays from 9am-10am
Come join the lively Line Dancing class on Thursdays! The level of difficulty is the improver level (high beginner) to intermediate level. Both men and women are encouraged to come kick up their heels to a variety of music genres including country, pop, and Latin. Please self-register for the free class using the link below or contact the Hart Center at 916-808-5462.
Registration Link:

TAI CHI In-Person Classes

Mondays & Wednesdays

Join Tai Chi on Mondays and Wednesdays. We would like to welcome back instructor Sabitre Rodriguez and participants to experience this low impact form of ancient Chinese exercise.
Tai Chi combines slow movements with relaxation for a gentle and accessible form of exercise. Newcomers welcome! Register by calling the Hart Center at (916) 808-5462.
Fee: Varies Monthly

Qi Gong Meditation And Movement

Mondays from 12am-1pm
Sheng Zhen Qi Gong is a form of gentle Sitting and Standing Movements practiced for thousands of years to exercise joints & muscles which increase core strengthen & balance. The Meditations facilitate a state of wellbeing & oneness with the universe. The online and in-person class will be led by, Jan Polin, a Beijing certified instructor. All levels are welcome. To register, please call the Hart Center at (916) 808-5462.
Course Registration Fee: FREE
*Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class.*

Strength & Balance

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9am-9:45am
Come join this lively fitness group led by Joe Miguel. Participants will improve their health and fitness while being encouraged to work within their own comfort zone and physical abilities: flexibility and movement, correct breathing, strength training, and regaining balance abilities. Hand weights and dyna-bands for strength building and toning are used. Newcomers are welcome. Participants should bring their own water bottle, hand weights, and bands. Register for the free class below or call the Hart Center at 916-808-5462.Registration Link:

Virtual Beginning Somatic Muscle Release

Tuesdays and Fridays
12:30pm-1:30pm (ongoing course)

Beginning Somatic Muscle Release is a form of movement designed to reverse the effects of aging. By making our unconscious movement patterns conscious, we can begin to reverse years of stress and trauma held in the body. All movements are gentle and easeful, done lying on a yoga mat or blanket. Come to re-experience the deliciousness of your own natural movement! Linda Eisenman has studied meditation and yoga for over 30 years, and in 2020 studied Hanna Somatic through the Novato Institute. She is endlessly fascinated with the movement of the human body. Her goal is to see every senior citizen supple and conscious in their movements. Call the Hart Senior Center to register.
Course Registration Fee: Varies Monthly
*Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class.*



No-Bake Baking

Have fun making yummy treats at home by subscribing to our monthly No-Bake Baking recipes! Every first Thursday of the month, you will receive an email with a recipe to make and enjoy a delicious treat! To sign up, please email Laura Argueta at

Craft n' Chat Is Back!

Free In-Person Meetings Thursdays at 10am-12pm Join our crafty participants as they chat while working on projects including sewing, quilting, crochet, weaving, knitting, needle point, drawing, coloring, paper crafts, jewelry, and more. No formal instruction provided. Participants supply their own projects and materials. Come craft and chat with us! Register for class using the link below or call the Hart Center at 916-808-5462.
Registration Link:

Creative Improv Writing Group


Creative Improv is writing group that focuses on creative writing using the fine mix of imagination and experience. This type of writing responds to various conceptions of genre, audience, voice, arrangement, and style. This offering prompts its participants to dive into their knowledge about new media literacies, rich rhetorical situations, and the multiple perspectives that are inherent in any writing activity. Come join us in-person or through Zoom on Thursdays to share, explore and build on your creative writing! Materials are provided. Call the Hart Senior Center to register for free. Course Registration Fee: FREE *Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class. *
Registration Link:

Folk Art @ Home Series

Bi-Weekly on Fridays through Email Subscription
Want to enjoy creating art in the comfort of your own home? Subscribe to the Folk Art @ Home bi-weekly email subscription. Marie Taylor brings you around the world in her articulated lesson plans! Call Hart Center today to sign up for these free art lessons at 916-808-5462 or self-register below.
Series Registration Link:

Books With Hart

First Fridays of the Month
10AM- 11:30AM
(ongoing course)

Books with Hart discussions are held on the first Fridays of the month, but with a twist: virtual meetings! Please email for more information on meeting access and to borrow a copy of the book each month.
Course Registration Fee: FREE
*Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class.*

Life History Writing Group

10am-12pm (ongoing course)

Interested in stimulating your memory and preserving the tales of your life for generations to come? Join Life History Writing in-person and through Zoom! Members of the class meet to write the stories of their lives. Participants write and share a story each week with the class. Encouragement and constructive advice will be provided to writers. To register, call the Hart Center at 916-808-5462.
Course Registration Fee: FREE
*Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class. *
Registration Link:

Poetry Writing Workshop

Tuesdays 2pm-3:30pm
Join the Poetry Writing Workshop in-person or through Zoom for some poetic inspiration and motivation! The workshop is facilitated by Olga Blu Browne and Joyce Odam. Members are encouraged to share an original poem each week and receive positive comments from others. Call the Hart Senior Center to register for free.
Course Registration Fee: FREE
*Zoom Meeting Link will be provided the day before class. *


Thursdays at 1pm
Join us on Zoom for a fun afternoon of Bingo while you stay safe at home! Zoom is an audio and video application that works on smart phones, tablets, and computers. Never used Zoom? We’ll send you everything you will need to know after you sign up to play! Prizes will be available for winners. To sign up, email Laura Argueta at

Technology Help

Technology Help

Sheltering at home during the COVID pandemic can make for some very lonely days. Not being able to get out to see family and friends is no fun! During this tough time, many people have learned that technology – smart phones, tablets and computers – can be a lifesaver. Zoom meet-ups with friends and family and online art classes, book clubs or bingo can all bring a little joy into a long day at home. The possibilities are endless!


But we all know that technology has it’s challenges. Perhaps you’ve had a tough time getting your tech devices to do what you’d like them to do. Or maybe you’d like to try Zoom but aren’t sure how to get started. If so, the staff at Ethel Hart Senior Center would like to help!


Call Hart Senior Center at 916-808-5462

Simply tell us what issues with technology you’re having, or what you'd like to do with your tech devices at home. We’ll ask a few basic questions then link you up with a staff person to provide some help over the phone. 


If you haven't yet taken the leap into the world of Zoom, the great online tool for connecting with family, taking classes or even playing games with friends, AARP has made it a little easier. Use the tutorial below for everything you need to know to get connected, and let the fun begin! If after viewing the tutorial you need a little one-on-one assistance to get started, call Hart Senior Center at 808-5462. Video Link.


The City of Sacramento's Older Adult Services division operates Triple-R Adult Day Centers which provide socialization, recreation, and personal care for seniors with dementia while their family caregivers take a break or go to work. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Triple-R moved its social activities online, however, the good news is that we are going to return to in-person services soon! 

To find out more about our Triple-R sites or to add your name to our waiting list for service, please contact Misa Takagi at