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Program News

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The Sacramento START Program
is currently accepting
Recreation Aide applications.
If you have any questions please feel free contact the START main office at (916) 808-6089.

The Sacramento START Program is now on Social Media!  Want to know what the START Program and sites are up to?  Join us today and stay informed on what START is doing.

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A Short Summary

The Sacramento START program has touched the lives of over 100,000 young children and youth over the past twenty-seven years. Approximately 1,000 children and youth are enrolled in the program serving the Robla Unified School District at five different school sites. The program currently offers an exciting array of academic, enrichment, physical activities, and nutrition and recreation opportunities for participants. Through these experiences, young people are offered a wide range of opportunities that can spark critical thinking, physical activity, food security, and environmental initiatives. 

We welcome all families and incoming students in TK through sixth grade to register.


START Offers...

The Sacramento START program helps children throughout the Sacramento Region gain knowledge, expand their universe outside neighborhood boundaries, provide opportunities to grow and flourish, build and develop trust and create and fulfill dreams. With this in mind, the program promotes youth development and builds on individual student assets. Positive youth development promotes social and emotional growth and greater attachment to school which, in turn, translates into enhanced learning opportunities during the regular school day. The Sacramento START program includes the following three components: homework assistance, enrichment (literacy), and recreation.. The START program also includes a supper and/or snack program.

History of Sacramento START Program
Vision and Mission
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