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START Core Values Sacramento START Program Logo

  • Communication: by being non-judgmental; by presenting clear and consistent messages; by listening; by being honest; through speaking up in a professional manner and with consideration of others and by insuring that messages are communicated to all levels of the START program.
  • Customer Service: by making it all about the people we serve (participants, their family members, school staff and community members and our co-workers); engaging and valuing the other person, through listening, being open-minded, staying flexible and being patient; by maintaining our professional behavior and attitude at all times.
  • Leadership: through being the example for others to emulate; by teaching others to be leaders; by helping people to develop their strengths; and by stepping back in order to encourage others to lead.
  • Integrity: by always striving to do the right; by being honest and forthright; and by “walking the talk”- doing what we say and saying what we do. 
  • Team work: by working together towards a common goal and cause; through sharing our knowledge and contacts in order to improve the program; by supporting one another and sharing strategies and materials as we work to accomplish the program goals.
  • Respect: by treating others as we would want to be treated; by respecting confidentiality; by respecting others personal thoughts, opinions and beliefs.
  • Safety: by providing an emotionally and physically safe environment for the children we serve, our staff and the community.
  • Consistency: by holding each other accountable; insuring that policies and procedures are followed and programs all align; providing and following clear job responsibilities; by treating others respectfully and professionally and through planned change and updates.