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Sacramento Youth COMMISSION (syc) roster

Commissioners 2019/2020:

Sacramento Youth Commission in City of Sacramento Council Chambers

This is a photo of the newly appointed Sacramento Youth Commissioners during their Swearing-In-Ceremony on November 4 2019


2020 SYc Officers

Chair Emily Kawada
Vice-Chair Naomi Piper-Pell

syc roster 

District 1-Seat A: Emily Kawada
District 1-Seat B: Commissioner Malaika Nazir
District 2-Seat C: Vice Chair Erika Charlote Galvez
District 2-Seat D: VACANT
District 3-Seat E: Commissioner Valeria Romo Gonzalez
District 3-Seat F: Commissioner Reagan Mar
District 4-Seat G: VACANT
District 4-Seat H: Commissioner Sarina Rye
District 5-Seat I: VACANT
District 5-Seat J: VACANT
District 6-Seat K: Chair Naomi Piper-Pell
District 6-Seat L: VACANT
District 7-Seat M: Commissioner Sophia Flanagan
District 7-Seat N: Commissioner Michelle Erickson
District 8-Seat O: VACANT
District 8-Seat P: VACANT
Mayoral-Seat Q: Commissioner Kylie Huang
Mayoral-Seat R: Commissioner Yashar Yisrael
Mayoral-Seat S: Commissioner Jordan Burkart