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Youth workforce development

Youth Divisions L&L Program: Landscape & Learning 

Landscape & Learning (L&L) is a paid work experience program for young people ages 14 - 17 who live within the Sacramento city limits and are eligible for a work permit. Crews work directly in community parks and green spaces weeding, pruning, and providing general park maintenance and clean up. All young people hired to participate in this program receive specialized training and earn $15.50 an hour.


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How do I know if I qualify for the program?
Applicant requirements include being 14-17 years old, living within Sacramento city limits, and ability to get a work permit.  

How do I apply?
Applications are Online ONLY using the link above and accepted only during the recruitment period.

What happens after I submit my application?
All qualified applicants will receive an email inviting them to attend an interview. The L&L program is conducting in person interviews..

What happens after I attend the interview? Applicant will receive notification if they are being offered a position.  

What happens after I am offered a position?
Applicant will be given information regarding the items they will need to complete to be hired, how to get their work permit and when to attend their hiring appointments.  

What will I learn while working at L&L?
L&L is a work experience program where you will learn general park maintenance clean up and fundamental work skills. Together these two areas foster your personal and professional development.  

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