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Crime Statistics

The statistical information provided on this page is produced for informational purposes only; it is limited by the information available and/or collected at the time the statistics were generated. This information is not a replacement for official UCR statistics as reported to the Department of Justice, which are based on national reporting specifications and not reflected in the information provided herein. The information reported here does not reflect any positive or negative adjustments made to UCR type crimes as a result of reclassifying incidents that occurred during previous time frames. The margin of discrepancy is generally less than 1% and is not related to any incidents that occurred during this time frame.



This statistical data provided below depicts mental health and firearm related calls for service.  We release this data in one document as we have found that these types of calls are among many of the call types that are important to our community.  This data will be updated monthly and PDF copies of the monthly report will be available for download here as well. For additional information on how this data was identified, descriptions of our call types, and an outline for how we prioritize calls for service, please click the link below the graphic to download the PDF report.  


Sacramento Police Department Mental Health and Firearm Call for Service Statistics - October 2022

Sacramento Police Department Patrol Staffing Statistics October 2022

Review the Monthly Chief's Report for October 2022 (PDF 316KB) for definitions and additional information regarding these statistics.


The statistics provided below include victims of shooting related homicides in addition to victims that were shot and survived. These statistics are limited by the information available and/or collected at the time the statistics were generated and may not be an accurate replacement for official UCR statistics as reported to the Department of Justice. 

Sacramento Police Department Shooting Victim Demographics - October 2022

Shooting Victims by Sacramento Police Department District January 1, 2022 through October 31, 2022

The Shooting Victims by Police District data included above is from incidents which occurred between 1/1/2022 and 10/31/2022.

Sacramento Police Department Firearm Crime Statistics - October 2022

Review the Monthly Firearm Crime Report For October 2022 (PDF 282 KB) for additional information regarding these statistics. For statistics on shooting victim demographics (from Jan. 1, 2022 through Oct. 31, 2022) by SPD Patrol District, please see our Shooting Victims by District Report* (PDF 427 KB).


 The Sacramento Police Department reports crime occurring in the city based on the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) standard. UCR data is used in law enforcement administration, operation and management, as well as to track the fluctuations in the level of crime throughout America. The Sacramento Police Department provides these crime statistics in order to keep the public informed about crime and criminals in our neighborhoods and city.


Year-to-Date Statistics 2022

Sacramento Police Department April 2022 UCR Statistics

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End-of-Year Statistics 2021

Sacramento Police Department 2021 Year-End UCR Statistics

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