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Contract for police services

The Sacramento Police Department's Supplemental Employment Program has existed for over 20 years. The unit has provided contracted uniformed police officers, on their time off, for establishments and special events which may require security service by an individual with law enforcement experience. There are several reasons why hiring a supplemental police officer may help with the success of a business or special event. First, a police officer provides a visual presence which makes criminals less likely to target a business or event. Once criminals see a uniformed police officer and/or patrol car, they rethink any negative actions they may have in mind. Additionally, customers have voiced feeling safer when visiting an establishment or attending events which employ a uniformed police officer for security. If a crime or other issue were to occur at your establishment or an event you are hosting, the officer is immediately available to address the problem. Without the officer, you would have to rely on patrol services which could take several hours to respond depending on other priority calls for service. So it's a win-win situation for everyone – except for the bad guy!

Officers who work supplemental employment for an establishment usually work that same job for several years. Because of this, the officer establishes a strong working relationship with the employees and community members who visit the establishment. In turn, this helps build a strong relationship between the establishment and the Police Department making it easier to problem solve if new issues arise.

The City of Sacramento is self-insured and bonded. Therefore, businesses which contract for our police services are not required to purchase liability insurance. If supplemental officers are hired, we do require a 4-hour minimum, however we can schedule officers for as many hours as desired – around the clock, every day of the week. The current cost for hiring a supplemental police officer is $68 per hour.

You may be thinking now that hiring supplemental police officers can be quite expensive, but ask yourself, how much am I willing to spend for the safety, security and quality of life for my customers and employees, and myself? The Police Department brings resources to the job unavailable to a private security company.

Our motto is "Customer Service." Our objective is to provide you with the best customer service possible. We will work with you to address your needs. If you are interested in hiring Supplemental Police Officers, please contact the Supplemental Employment unit at (916) 808-0703.