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Burglar Alarm Permit

In 2014, the Sacramento Police Department received 21,185 calls from alarm companies asking for police to be dispatched to a residence or business due to an alarm or motion sensor activation. Of these calls, only 2% or 519 were actual crimes, resulting in police response to numerous false alarms. An officer responding to a false alarm means that officer is not available to be dispatched to a real emergency.

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What is a False Alarm?

The Police Department considers it a false alarm when a police officer responds to, and cannot find evidence of, a crime or an attempted crime that could have caused the alarm activation. Additionally, if the officer is unable to access the site to determine if a crime or an attempted crime has been committed, the alarm will be considered a false alarm.

In an effort to reduce the number of false alarms, Sacramento City Code Chapter 8.36 requires all alarm users (monitored and non-monitored) to obtain an Alarm User Permit, and alarm companies to obtain an Alarm Company Permit.