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HIRE supplemental police OFFICERS


The Sacramento Police Department's Supplemental Employment program has existed for over 20 years. This unit has provided contracted uniformed police officers for establishments and special events which may require security service by an individual with law enforcement experience.  Supplemental officers wear their Police uniform and must abide by the policies and procedures of the Sacramento Police Department.  

The process for hiring a supplemental officer is relatively simple.  Please contact the supplemental employment program by email or phone which is listed at the bottom of this section.  You will be asked for a description of your event and other pertinent details, which will be reviewed to determine the appropriate staffing needs for the specific event.  A contract will then be prepared indicating the scheduled hours, cost estimates, and a liability waiver.  

A minimum of two (2) weeks notice is required to request a supplemental officer.  We recommend making requests 30 days prior to the event, which allows enough time to review the event, prepare a contract, and have officers sign up to work the event.

We require a four (4) hour minimum, but officers can be scheduled for as many hours as desired – around the clock, 7 days a week.  If five (5) or more officers are required, at least one of them must be a Police supervisor.  

The current costs for hiring a supplemental police officer are:
Police Officer -  $90 per hour
Police Sergeant - $114 per hour
Police Vehicle - $33 flat fee per vehicle

At the discretion of the unit supervisor, payments for police services may be requested prior to the event or be billed after the event has occurred.  The Police Department may, at its discretion, cancel any or all supplemental employment jobs due to departmental conflicts. Officers work on a voluntary basis and there is no guarantee an officer will be available to work an event.  

Examples of events where supplemental officers will NOT be allowed to work include:

  • Jobs located outside the Sacramento city limits
  • Jobs requesting plain clothes officers
  • Jobs requiring officers to act as a “bodyguard”
  • Jobs involving civil matters (landlord/tenant, labor disputes, etc) 

If you are interested in hiring supplemental Police officers, please contact our Supplemental Employment Unit at: (916) 808-0703 or email us at: