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Neighborhood Nuisances

What can I do about my noisy neighbors?

A noisy neighbor may create a disturbance by playing loud music, having an out-of-control party or using loud equipment too late or too early in the day. These situations are handled by the Police Department and are best resolved by the officers assigned to your neighborhood. To request a police response to noise problems in the city of Sacramento, please call the non-emergency dispatch number at (916) 808-5471.

The City's Code Compliance Division is responsible for the investigation of complaints of ongoing and aggravated noise which require monitoring with sound level meters or which are of a habitual or mechanical nature such as at commercial enterprises or sites. Noise complaints from local bars or entertainment venues where music or amplified sound disturbs those residing or working nearby are handled by the Police Department's Entertainment Team.

To report noise during daytime hours related to commercial or industrial operations, call 3-1-1, Monday - Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., and Sundays, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

To report a noise issue outside of daytime hours or not related to a business, please contact police non-emergency dispatch at (916) 808-5471.  

The City's Animal Care Services handles barking dog complaints and can be contacted at 3-1-1 or (916) 808-7387.

What is the law regarding loud vehicle alarms?

The law regarding loud vehicle alarm systems is contained in the California Vehicle Code, Section 22651.5, which, in part, states that a police officer may, upon complaint, remove a vehicle if the vehicle alarm system has been activated for 20 minutes after the officer's arrival, and the alarm has not silenced within that time. A complaint for a loud vehicle alarm in the city of Sacramento should be called in to the non-emergency dispatch number at (916) 808-5471.

What are the regulations regarding construction-related noise?

There are no specific regulations regarding construction-related noise. This nuisance falls under the City's general noise ordinance. Noise restrictions in effect between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. of the following day would prohibit most construction work between those hours. For clarification, contact 3-1-1 (within the city) or (916) 264-5011 (outside the city). For more information, you can also search the City Code under Chapter 8.68.

What can I do about barking dogs or animals loose in my neighborhood?

All barking dog or other animal nuisance complaints are handled by the City's Animal Care Services. Barking dog complaints can be called in to 3-1-1 or (916) 808-7387.

What laws exist to protect the public from excessive and annoying noise?

The City of Sacramento has ordinances in effect within the city limits that regulate noise in the city based on the type of noise, loudness, duration, and time of day. See Sacramento City Code 8.68.

How can I report narcotic or prostitution activities in my neighborhood?

There are several ways to report narcotic or prostitution activities in your neighborhood. You can contact your local police station:

For areas north of the American River, please call (916) 808-6401.
For areas in the Central City or east area, please call (916) 808-4500.
For areas south of the American River, please call (916) 808-6001.

The Police Department also maintains an online Anonymous Crime Tip Form  where you can anonymously provide tips about narcotics or prostitution activities.  The Tip Line phone number is (916) 808-5796.

For information about drug abuse, please visit the National Institute on Drug Abuse.