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Subpoena Police Records

A $15.00 fee is required before a subpoena for records can be served on the Sacramento Police Department. This fee must be paid in person to the City Revenue Division located on the 1st floor of New City Hall at 915 I St. Once the service fee has been paid, the subpoena and the receipt for payment of the fee must be hand delivered to the Sacramento Police Department’s Court Liaison Office located at 901 G St.  Subpoenas which are mailed, faxed or dropped off directly to the Sacramento Police Department will be returned to the sender.

Additional fees as provided for in Evidence Code § 1563 may also be due before any item(s) are provided in response to a subpoena.  Below is a list of fees commonly associated with service of a subpoena:

Audio Recording  $205.00 each
Clerical Cost $24.00 per hour/per person or $6 per quarter hour
Copies (Regular) 10 cents per page
Copies (Microfiche/Microfilm)       20 cents per page
Photo CD  $28.00 each
Photo CD (Duplicate Copies) $7.00 each
Postage  Actual cost
Video Recording $41.00 each