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Recruiting Programs

Welcome to the Sacramento Police Department Recruiting Unit.  Our recruiters are committed to connecting with qualified individuals with a desire to serve the City of Sacramento.  The Recruiting Unit resides within our Outreach and Engagement Division, with an overarching mission to foster community relationships, strengthen trust and support partnerships. The goal of our recruiting unit is to exceed the level of excellence in hiring expected by our community; to build a vibrant, inclusive and progressive police department, today and into the future.  

meet the Recruiters


Officer Meghan Gardner


Officer Meghan Gardner

Officer Meghan Gardner has worked for the Police Department for 12 years. Officer Gardner grew up in a small town in the west Bay Area and moved to Long Beach, California, to attend Long Beach State University, where she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Communications, and a minor in Human Resources.

After eight years in Southern California, she moved  to the Sacramento area where she accomplished her goal of becoming a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department. Prior to her assignment to the Recruiting Division, she was assigned as a Field Training Officer in the Patrol Division. 


 Recruiting Officer Anthony Gonzales, #0305

Officer Anthony Gonzales

Officer Anthony Gonzales has worked for the Police Department for 6 years. Officer Gonzales grew up here in south Sacramento, attending Kennedy High School. During his time at Kennedy he was part of the Sacramento Police Magnet Academy.

Upon graduation, Officer Gonzales attended Sacramento City College until officially joining the Sacramento Police Department. Prior to his assignment to the Recruiting Division, he was assigned as a School Resource Officer at McClatchy High School. 




Hiring Workshop

The Sacramento Police Department hosts free workshops throughout the year, ideal for those interested in a career in law enforcement and their families.  This is an informative classroom setting in which a recruiter discusses the hiring process and explains how to prepare for the testing phases.  There is time during the workshop to ask any additional questions you may have regarding a career in law enforcement.  For information and registration, click here.

SacPD Hiring Workshop-Image

Sign up for our next Hiring Workshop, or Click Here for additional information on this one-day workshop.

Join us for a Ride-Along 

Becoming a Law Enforcement officer is not like applying for your average job. This is a CAREER rather than a JOB. It is a calling and a way of life. It is a commitment to a community and a department. Evaluating the career by looking at it first hand is the best way to gain knowledge of the Sacramento Police Department, and if this career and department are the best fit for you personally. Participating in a RIDE-ALONG will give you an in-depth look, as you will spend a portion of an officer's shift with them, getting to see what a patrol officer does on a daily basis, ask them questions, and see what the job entails. Once you submit an application, a background check will be conducted to determine your eligibility.

Sign up for our Patrol Ride-Along Program  to ride with a patrol officer for a day.

Sign up for our Dispatch Sit-Along Program to experience a day in our Communications Center.

#SACPDStrong Bootcamp Wednesdays

Bootcamp Wednesdays is a fitness and recruitment program that is held every Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m at various location throughout the city of Sacramento.  This program is designed to provide participants an opportunity to see what a typical Police Academy fitness regimen is all about.  The exercises will entail circuit style, full body workouts.

Bootcamp Wednesdays is very beneficial to those who may be interested in a career with the Sacramento Police Department or those who may already be in the hiring process.  It is a great opportunity for participants to network with others and develop relationships with officers from the department.

Through the program, participants are given the opportunity to build relationships with recruiters and other applicants after the workout.  This program will benefit all who participate by preparing you for the physical demands of the Police Academy.   Come join us!!!  All you need to bring is your running shoes, a positive attitude and a friend! #SacPDStrong

Due to COVID-19 concerns, Bootcamp Wednesdays will be temporarily postponed. We will post an updated flyer to our website and social media platforms once these workouts resume.

WE ARE STILL ACTIVELY HIRING!!! Contact a Recruiter today at 916-234-6112.

Bootcamp Flyer

Exercise with Sac PD officers at one of our #SacPDStrong Bootcamp Wednesdays


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