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Professional Standards Unit

Danielle Perez


Meet Police Administrative officer Danielle Perez

Office of the Chief – Professional Standards Unit

Administrative Officer Danielle Perez began her career with the Sacramento Police Department in 2009 as a Dispatcher. In 2013, Danielle transferred within the City of Sacramento to the City Clerk’s Office, where she handled the processing of requests for City records under the Public Records Act. In 2019, Danielle’s unique combined skill set of law enforcement experience, and records management and production experience, led her back to the Sacramento Police Department as a Program Analyst managing the release of police personnel records. 

Danielle promoted to Administrative Officer in 2022, and currently manages the Transparency Team within the Department’s Professional Standards Unit. Danielle’s team facilitates the review, redaction, and production of records pertaining to officer-involved shootings and uses of force resulting in death or great bodily injury, as well as sustained cases of officer misconduct subject to public disclosure with the enactment of Senate Bills 1421 and 16. Danielle graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Sacramento State University in 2006. As part of the Professional Standards Unit, Danielle was the recipient of a Unit Citation commendation in 2021, as well as the Office of the Chief’s Employee of the Quarter for exemplary management of the Senate Bill 1421 program. 

Danielle considers her role within the Sacramento Police Department a high honor and is committed to fostering a positive relationship between the Sacramento Police Department and the community it serves through transparency and accountability.