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Marnie Stigerts


MEET Captain Marnie Stigerts

Office of the Chief – Administrative Services Division

Captain Marnie Stigerts is currently assigned to the Administrative Services Division in the Office of the Chief which includes Public Safety IT, Professional Standards, Force Investigations, Inspections and Audits, Redaction Teams, Government Affairs and Employee Services.

Marnie started working for the Sacramento Police Department in 1993 as a Dispatcher and in 1994 she entered the Sacramento Police Academy. She has worked as a Neighborhood Police Officer (NPO) for the Tahoe Park & Colonial Park neighborhoods and a Bike Patrol Officer in the downtown Core. In 2002, she transitioned to a detective position and worked in Sexual Assaults and Child Abuse (SACA), Felony Assaults and Homicide.

In 2005, she moved to the Internal Affairs Division then in 2006, Marnie was promoted to Sergeant and worked graveyard shifts in south and downtown Sacramento. In 2008, she became an Investigative Sergeant and worked several assignments, including Neighborhood Crimes, Felony Assaults, Gangs, Homicide, Auto Theft, Digital Forensics, and the Hi-Tech Unit.

In 2014, Marnie began working with the officers who created the Police Observation Devices (POD) while expanding our automated license plate reader (LPR) program. As of today, there are about 150 PODs across the City and our LPRs assist in locating and recovering stolen vehicles, missing persons and wanted subjects every day.

In 2016, she helped to create our Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) where our access to various surveillance systems across the entire City, POD video and LPR data have changed the way we do police work at the Police Department. Marnie was presented a Distinguished Service Award in 2017 for her work in technology advancements for the department and implementation of the Real Time Crime Center.

Marnie promoted to Lieutenant in 2019 and was assigned to patrol as a Watch Commander for Central and East Commands. She worked as the Executive Lieutenant to the East Command Captain until he retired in May 2021, then she took on the role of Acting Captain for East Command. January 1, 2022, Marnie was promoted to Captain and assigned to Administrative Services where she was quickly immersed in the many changes to state laws, updates in policy and contracts, plus copious releases of public records and frequent work with the City Attorney’s Office.

Marnie grew up in the east area of Sacramento, attending Peter Burnett, Fern Bacon Basic Middle and was part of the first graduating class at Hiram Johnson West Campus. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminal Justice from Sacramento State. She was the first in her family to become a police officer, wanting to make a difference in the lives of victims who might not have been able to speak for themselves or know how to find their voice. Marnie is a member of the 1849 Foundation Crisis Relief Program and a member of the Department’s Peer Support Program.

Marnie has three grown children who live in the greater Sacramento area and welcomed her first grandchild in 2022. Her husband retired from the Police Department as a Detective, and he currently works for the District Attorney’s Office as an Investigator. Marnie enjoys living in the city, exploring the variety of restaurants, entertainment venues and access to the art and outdoor activities Sacramento has to offer.