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Neighborhood Watch

How Neighborhood Watch Works

Neighborhood Watch is a group of neighbors who believe fighting crime is every citizen's responsibility. Each person agrees they are responsible for taking care of themselves and removing any obstacles that could hinder their safety and well-being; as well as that of their neighbor.

When you start a Neighborhood Watch group, you will get to know your neighbors better. In a short time, everyone will know the working habits of their neighbors - who has dogs, how many children in the family, what cars people own. You will also learn who in your neighborhood has valuable skills to contribute, such as CPR Training. When you know these things, it becomes easier to spot suspicious people and identify vehicles that are not normally in the neighborhood.  

Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program designed for Sacramento's residential community. There are over 300 active Neighborhood Watch Groups in the city of Sacramento. The program is operated by neighbors and sponsored by the Sacramento Police Department. The object of the Neighborhood Watch Program is to organize groups of neighbors and teach them the necessary steps to reduce crime and be “the eyes and ears” of the police.

Setting up a Neighborhood Watch group

Neighborhood Watch is NOT any of the following:
  • A vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of the local police department
  • A 100% guarantee that crime will not occur in your neighborhood
  • A program designed for participants to undertake personal risks to deter crime

Three elements necessary for a crime to occur:

Opportunity: You have created a situation for a burglar or attacker to choose your residence or person. By this we mean you have left a garage door open, a window ajar, inadequate lighting around your house that creates concealment, etc. This is the ONLY aspect Neighborhood Watch can control!

Desire: The criminal desires to hit your property as you've set him up to do so! Desire is based on opportunity; and also the criminal's financial or drug need. (Neighborhood Watch cannot affect this).

Ability: The criminal has the ability to break in or burgle you as he or she sees the opportunity (Neighborhood Watch cannot affect this).


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