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Cops & Clergy Program and

the Community Advancement Academy

Cops and Clergy logo

The Mission of the Sacramento Police Department’s Cops & Clergy program is to unite community leaders with the Sacramento Police Department to foster relationships, build community trust and reduce gang violence through outreach and intervention.

The primary goal of the Cops and Clergy Program is the development of trust between the Sacramento Police Department, the clergy and the communities they both serve. This trust is developed and nurtured through relationship building and positive actions. The first-step towards joining the Cops and Clergy Program is to attend the Community Advancement Academy. Those who do not wish to join the Cops and Clergy Program but are still interested in attending the Academy are also encouraged to apply.


Contact Information and Referrals

The Cops & Clergy email address is for answers to any inquiries from families and/or SPD officers concerning at-risk youth.

Referrals of at-risk youth and their families are welcomed. If you think the Cops & Clergy team can help or support, please contact us. Any questions may be directed to


The 10th Sacramento Police Community Advancement Academy for Business Partners will begin in 2024, an exact start date will be announced in the coming months - please check this page regularly for updates! For additional information, email the Recruiting Team or call (916) 234-6112.


Completed applications for our Community Advancement Academy can be delivered by email, US mail or in person to:

Sacramento Police Department
Attn: Backgrounds & Recruiting Unit
5770 Freeport Blvd., Suite #100
Sacramento, California 95822-3516

Sacramento Police Cares

The Sacramento Police Cares program was originally established as the "Sacramento Community Cares Program" in 2012.  This grassroots effort was started by Sacramento Police Dispatcher Sarah Kern, and is currently run by the Outreach and Engagement Section. In 2014, the name was changed to "Sacramento Police Cares" to reflect the foundation of the program, which is the Sacramento Police Department and its employees. 
Sacramento Police Cares has evolved since its inception, but the core values have stayed the same - to provide non-monetary assistance to people in immediate, emergent needs. SPC originated with the intent to help "good people down on their luck."  The primary focus was to be able to assist people any time of day who were stranded in Sacramento and in need of bus tickets, hotel rooms, fuel, food, etc.   Since the Sacramento Community Cares Program expanded and became Sacramento Police Cares, there is the added ability for on-duty officers to purchase specific items for people in need.  Officers can then turn in their receipts for reimbursement up to $40.  Officers have utilized the program to purchase items such as shoes, food, fuel, bedding, and presents for children. 

To learn more, see this news story featuring officers who utilized Sacramento Police Cares to assist a homeless family at Christmas. 

Visit the Sacramento Police Cares Facebook page.  This program is funded solely through donations which can be made through the Sacramento Police Foundation.

For additional information, email the Outreach Unit or call (916) 808-0869.