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Homeless and Mental Health outreach 

The Sacramento Police Department  (SPD) recognizes the need for a compassionate response to mental illness and homelessness. As such, we have dedicated mental health and homeless outreach units. Our homeless outreach (Impact Team) and Mental Health Units are passionate about creating and sustaining collaborative programs between social service and law enforcement systems. Our department strives to engage and link individuals to resources and solutions when they interact with our department. The unit's goals are to reduce recidivism, create positive relationships, and improve the quality of life within our community.


Sacramento is home to approximately 5,000 people experiencing homelessness. SPD understands that compassionate policing, wrap-around services, and building long-term partnerships are necessary in addressing the needs of those experiencing homelessness. We serve our homeless community with compassionate outreach, while advocating with our residential and business community, city leaders, and service providers to collaborate on long term solutions to homelessness.

SPD’s Impact Team consists of eight officers and one sergeant. The team provides outreach and engagement services throughout the City of Sacramento. The Impact Team responds to community concerns regarding homelessness and engages with our homeless community members. The Impact team connects them with resources that can provide housing and other services. Additionally, our Impact team collaborates with service providers to help address the underlying causes of homelessness, and multiple options are available to assist each person. Below is a partial list of our partners:

Mental Health Unit   

In 2018 our department recognized that mental illness was becoming a significant issue in our community and created a mental health unit to help individuals in need. Our Mental Health Unit takes a holistic approach to those suffering from mental illness with the goal of providing a compassionate response, community safety, linkage to follow-up support and needed resources for care. Our Mental Health Unit is currently comprised of two officers and is overseen by the Impact Team sergeant.

Please see our Community and Mental Health Resource Guide for additional services and contact information.