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Sacramento Police Department Pride Patch


The Sacramento Police Department (SPD) is committed to an inclusive environment within its agency and the community at large. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning, and All Other (LGBTQ+) individuals in our community have the right to live without fear of discrimination or harassment. It has taken years to overcome the strife and distrust generated generations ago.

SPD is proud of its accomplishments in building relationships and trust with our City’s LGBTQ+ community, including local area businesses as well as SPD’s own LGBTQ+ employees. SPD has established itself as a leader in LGBTQ+ community relations for law enforcement agencies, and our LGBTQ+ Liaison frequently fields calls from cities all over the nation asking for guidance and advice on how we reach out to our City’s LGBTQ+ community.

Pride2          Pride1

SPD providedActive Shooter Response Trainingat Faces Nightclub in downtown Sacramento just prior to the 1-year anniversary of Pulse Nightclub shooting. SPD continues to offer this training in all major locations, but specifically in LGBTQ+ community locations as well.

SPD proactively established a Gender Awareness class, which has been attended by approximately 700 SPD officers and employees. SPD has previously reached out to local LGBTQ+ community groups to contribute to course curriculum and will continue to involve our community partners in our growth of this course.

Transgender Pride Flag

 Below, please find a brief summary of events and achievements between our department and the LGBTQ+ community that we are proud to highlight:

SPD’s Support for LGBTQ+ Employees

  • SPD has employed openly LGBTQ+ staff in varying levels of position to include officers, professional staff, sergeants, lieutenants, captains and Public Information Officers
  • SPD routinely issues social media posts of SPD employees representing themselves, their community, and their Department at SacPride Marches, Pride Awards Galas and various community events throughout the City and State
  • Worked with Outward Magazine to run articles and advertisements as part of SPD recruiting efforts
  • SPD developed the SPD Rainbow Pride Patches to be worn for the month of June (pictured above)
SPD’s Inclusive Peer Support and Chaplaincy
  • SPD provides peer support for LGBTQ+ officers and their family members – specifically for those individuals experiencing a personal crisis related to LGBTQ+ struggles
  • SPD strives to update our General Orders to ensure inclusiveness, and specifically worked to update policy after same sex marriage was legalized in the State of California
  • SPD assisted LGBTQ+ officers over the last few years to ensure HR respectfully and promptly updated their forms in compliance with legal changes affecting marital status
  • Early in the program’s inception, we strived to include Sac Chaplains that were LGBTQ+
  • SPD has worked with Sac Chaplains and Sacramento LGBT Community Center to provide support to victims of hate crimes within our City
Addressing Hate Crimes in Our Community
  • An SPD officer attended a Hate Crime update course to assist the Department in appropriately classifying and investigating these sensitive offenses
  • Five LGBTQ+ officers attended a two-day LGBTQ+ officers and community seminar in Palm Springs, which included breakout sessions on topics regarding: LGBTQ+ officers, retention, community, hiring, partnerships
  • SPD has operated a recruiting booth staffed by three officers at San Francisco Pride Parade
  • SPD LGBTQ+ officers sat on LGBTQ+ Law Enforcement officer panels with the Napa Police Academy for LGBTQ+ history and tour through the Castro in San Francisco
LGBTQ+ Community Event Attended or Supported by SPD Staff
  • SPD Officer Kuhlmann marched in his SPD uniform in the San Francisco Pride Parade multiple years, and even featured in a full-page photo in a Time Magazine article addressing the 2015 Supreme Court Decision legalizing same-sex marriage
  • SPD staff attended the unveiling of the Lavender Heights road signage
  • SPD officers participated as part of the Sacramento City Unified School District LGBTQ+ youth task force
  • LGBTQ+ officers, while in uniform, donated time to chaperone two of the first Queer Proms
  • SPD Officers authored a Letter of Support for the Sacramento Continuum of Care Application for the Youth Homeless Demonstration Project
  • Sponsored Thanksgiving meal for LGBTQ+ youth experiencing homelessness
  • Multiple officers have attended dozens of meetings with youths at the Sacramento LGBT Community Center over the last few years
  • Attended Senior Pride Information & Resource Fair at Hart Center for LGBTQ+ seniors
  • SPD invited to Vision of Equality Luncheon
  • SPD worked with Sacramento Animal Control and led a Gender Awareness session at a California Animal Control conference. We have since received three requests from individual California Cities to present this information, as well as a request to present for a Humane Society Conference in Florida
Coordination with the LGBTQ+ Business Community
  • SPD officers have attended Rainbow Chamber of Commerce Awards dinners
  • LGBTQ+ officers and allies working Security in the area of 20th St and K ST every Saturday night
  • Worked with Lavender Angels to develop, observe and report tactics as they patrolled Lavender Heights, specifically the area of 20th ST and K ST, on busy nights and second Saturdays
  • Opened a direct line of communication with the 4 most recent Executive Directors of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center
  • Invited the Executive Directive of the Sacramento LGBT Community Center to participate in a ride-a-long with SPD’s IMAPCT and/or Mental Health team
  • Area Captain and SPD’s LGBTQ+ Liaison attending a meeting between Sacramento LGBT Community Center meeting and a City Council Member’s Office
  • SPD Officers attended two Healing Circles, one of which was with members of the Sacramento LGBT Center’s Executive Board members

LGBTQ+ Liaison

The Sacramento Police Department has recently expanded our LGBTQ+ Liaison Program to include two Sergeants and one Officer. Please feel free to reach out to our Liaisons with any concerns or comments you may have relating to their area of specialty:

Lieutenant Eddie Macaulay – TRAINING, POLICY, Outreach, Education and Recruiting

Lieutenant Macaulay is currently one of the Watch Commanders for our Central district. As one of SPD’s LGBTQ+ Liaisons, Lt. Macaulay is responsible for community outreach and education both for SPD personnel and community members. He also develops, updates and then assists in the implementation of training as it relates to LGBTQ+ issues.
Lt. Macaulay can be reached at his department email: EMACAULAY@PD.CITYOFSACRAMENTO.ORG

Officer Debrielle Browder – Outreach, EDUCATION and Youth Liaison

Officer Browder is currently assigned to the Outreach and Engagement Division. Ofc. Browder conducts outreach events thought out the City of Sacramento, as well as surrounding areas. Prior to her assignment in Outreach she was assigned as a School Recourse Officer (SRO). As an SRO she served as a liaison to the Sacramento City Unified School District’s LGBT Task Force. She continues to serve as the liaison in her current assignment.
As one of SPD’s LGBTQ+ Liaisons Officer Browder is responsible for community outreach and education both for SPD personnel and community members. She is also the department's LGBTQ+ Youth Liaison.
Officer Browder can be reached at her department email: DBROWDER@PD.CITYOFSACRAMENTO.ORG

Additional LGBTQ+ Resources