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Sacramento Police Cares

The Sacramento Police Cares program was originally established as the "Sacramento Community Cares Program" in 2012.  This grassroots effort was started by Sacramento Police Dispatcher Sarah Kern.  Currently, the program is run by our Outreach & Engagement Unit. In 2014, the name was changed to "Sacramento Police Cares" to reflect the foundation of the program, which is the Sacramento Police Department and its employees. Since 2012 when the program went "live" it has provided assistance on over 30 occasions, totaling just over $3,700 (as of December 2014).
Sacramento Police Cares has evolved since its inception, but the core values have stayed the same - to provide non-monetary assistance to people in immediate need. SPC originated with the intent to help "good people down on their luck."  The primary focus was to be able to assist people any time of day who were stranded in Sacramento and in need of bus tickets, hotel rooms, fuel, food, etc.   Since the Sacramento Community Cares Program expanded and became Sacramento Police Cares, there is the added ability for on-duty officers to purchase items for people in need.  Officers can then turn in their receipts for reimbursement up to $150.  Officers have utilized the program to purchase items such as shoes, food, fuel, bedding, and presents for children.

To learn more, see this news story featuring officers who utilized Sacramento Police Cares to assist a homeless family at Christmas.

Visit the Sacramento Police Cares Facebook page at

This program is funded solely through donations which can be made through the Sacramento Police Foundation at

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