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The Sacramento Police Department Research, Training, and Employee Development Division is committed to providing the highest caliber education and training to our employees, consistent with best practice, policy, and the law. In an effort to pursue the highest level of transparency for the community we post our education and training materials presented to our officers.

We will continue to update this information as we develop new training curriculum and improve our educational materials.

**** Important Note**** Effective June 6, 2020, the Sacramento Police Department policy no longer includes the Carotid Control Hold as an approved technique.  As a result the Training Division has immediately removed it from all curriculum in both the Academy and In-Service training, and it is not being taught.  Included in this section you can find both the previous and current Arrest Control Technique curriculum being taught to Sacramento Police Officers.

2020 Continuing Professional Training (CPT)

Course Outlines (PDF)

Arrest Control Techniques (ACT)

Arrest Control Techniques (ACT) – Revised 06-08-2020 

Domestic Violence

EVOC In Service Schedule

First Aid/CPR/AED

Intentional Mass Casualty: Rescue Strike Team 

Less Lethal Weapon Systems

Officer Wellness

Tactical Firearms and Perishable Skills Program               

2020 Sacramento Police academy training

Course Outlines (PDF)

LD1-Leadership, Professionalism & Ethics

LD2-Criminal Justice System

LD3-Policing in The Community

LD4-Victimology & Crisis Intervention

LD5-Introduction to Criminal Law

LD6-Property Crimes

LD7-Crimes Against Persons & Death Investigation

LD8-General Criminal Statutes

LD9-Crimes Against Children

LD10-Sex Crimes

LD11-Juvenile Law and Procedures

LD12-Controlled Substances

LD13-Alcohol Beverage Control Law

LD15-Laws of Arrest

LD16-Search and Seizure

LD17-Presentation of Evidence

LD18-Investigative Report Writing

LD19-Vehicle Operations

LD20-Use of Force

LD21-Patrol Techniques

LD22-Vehicle Pullovers

LD23-Crimes in Progress

LD24-Handling Disputes & Crowd Control

LD25-Domestic Violence

LD26-Unusual Occurrences

LD27-Missing Persons

LD28-Traffic Enforcement

LD29-Traffic Collision Investigations

LD30-Crime Scenes, Evidence, And Forensics


LD32-Lifetime Fitness

LD33-Arrest and Control

LD34-First AID, CPR and AED

LD35-Firearms & Chemical Agents

LD36-Information Systems

LD37-People with Disabilities

LD38-Gang Awareness

LD39-Crimes Against the Justice System

LD40-Weapons Violations

LD41-Hazardous Materials Awareness

LD42-Cultural Diversity & Discrimination

LD43-Emergency Management


Course Outlines (PDF)

Crowd and Riot Training

Gender Awareness 

Integrated Gang Training

Patrol Tactics 

Taser 7 Update 

Taser X26 Update 

TOPS 2020 Transparency 

Wellness 2020 Transparency

2020 Mandatory Follow-up Training

Course Outlines (PDF)

MAFT Animal Cruelty

MAFT Basic Traffic Collision Inv

MAFT Brother to Brother NWF

MAFT CASH Services

MAFT City of Refuge Sac

MAFT CLU & Court Testimony

MAFT Crime Scene Mgmt Death Inv

MAFT Crime Scenes & Evidence

MAFT Crisis Intervention Training

MAFT Crowd & Riot Control

MAFT Deaf Culture Awareness

MAFT Domestic Violence

MAFT Drager Alcotest Certification

MAFT Fair & Impartial Policing

MAFT Finance

MAFT Firearms Rifle Update

MAFT Food Labels

MAFT Gangs

MAFT Gender Awareness

MAFT Golden 1 Center

MAFT Homeless Outreach

MAFT Human Trafficking

MAFT Infectious Disease

MAFT Internal Affairs

MAFT K9 Familiarization

MAFT K9 Introduction

MAFT Less Lethal


MAFT Mental Health Unit

MFT Narcan Nalaxone

MAFT Outreach & Engagement

MAFT Peer Support


MAFT Procedural Justice



MAFT Tactical Lifesaver

MAFT TASER Use Course 

MAFT Unmanned Aerial Systems