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officer-involved shootings
(and other incidents of force resulting in serious injury or death)

information and overview 

Officer Involved Shootings and other instances of force resulting in serious injury or death are a significant event for officers and the community. Extensive resources are dedicated to these events to ensure an accurate, thorough, and transparent investigation takes place.  Regardless of the circumstances surrounding such an incident, it is imperative that the event is diligently reviewed and the actions of the officers are thoroughly evaluated.  These incidents weigh heavy on the hearts of officers and are a constant reminder of the challenges of law enforcement.
The Sacramento Police Department is committed to providing high quality training to officers and to use all means possible to deescalate situations and reduce deadly force incidents.   Officers are trained to stabilize dynamic events, provide for the safety of the public, and provide care and compassion to the community they serve.

The department strives to model policies and procedures that implement best practices and reflect the high level of professionalism expected of Sacramento Police Officers.  Additionally, as resources allow, the department will continue to upgrade equipment, develop less lethal options for officers, and research and provide modern training. 

Below are links to further provide data and information about Officer-Involved Shootings.



The following links contain information about the process of investigating Officer-Involved shootings including links to the Sacramento County District Attorney's Office and the Office of Public Safety Accountability.

Policy and Law

State Law and Department Policies relevant to deadly force.


Demographics, force, call type, and officer statistics for the past three (3) years.

Officer-Involved Shooting Events