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Officer-Involved Shooting:  September 7, 2017 



On Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 5:30 a.m. Sacramento Police Officers were alerted by a license plate reader to a vehicle in the area of Fair Oaks Boulevard and Watt Avenue that was wanted in connection to a double homicide involving a firearm.  This incident occurred on September 1, 2017 on the 1400 block of Janrick Avenue. 

Investigators linked the driver and the vehicle to the homicide. The suspect was believed to armed and extremely dangerous.  See the original press release - September 2, 2017.

At 10:39 a.m. officers located the wanted vehicle in the area of 65th Street and Franklin Boulevard. Officers in a marked vehicle, followed the suspect while waiting for additional resources to safely attempt to stop the suspect. The suspect traveled North on Franklin Boulevard and turned East on 27th Avenue. 

The officers initiated a vehicle stop by activating their overhead lights and siren at which time the suspect stopped his vehicle on 27th Street, east of Franklin Boulevard. Officers began to give the suspect and solo occupant of the vehicle commands to show his hands. The suspect did not comply with the orders the officers to reveal his hands.  

Within seconds, the suspect abruptly exited the vehicle and immediately began shooting and advancing towards officers with a handgun, striking several marked patrol vehicles. A total of five officers returned fire, killing the suspect, later identified as 41-year-old Eric Arnold.

The officers have been identified as 27-year veteran, Timothy Martin, 12-year veteran Victor Wolfe, 19-year veteran Joshua Dobson, 26-year veteran Richard Hitchcock and 14-year veteran Robert Williams.

During the exchange of gunfire, two Sacramento Police Officers were struck (Officer Martin and Officer Wolfe). The Sacramento Fire Department responded and transported both Officers to a local area hospital for treatment. Both officers received non-life threatening injuries.

While some details can’t be released due to the on-going administrative department review, the preliminary investigation has revealed that the suspect fired 6 rounds at the officers.  Subsequently, the involved officers fired a total of 36 rounds striking the suspect 14 times.   

Homicide Detectives, Internal Affairs, Office of Public Safety Accountability and Crime Scene Investigation Units responded to the scene to begin the officer-involved shooting investigation.  As part of the department’s protocol, this incident is being investigated in conjunction with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, the Sacramento City Attorney’s Office. 

Press Releases


suspect gun
Suspect's Gun


additional police vehicle 

 Officer's Patrol Vehicle



police vehicle

Officer's Patrol Vehicle

Eric Arnold 

 Eric Arnold, 41



The Department recognizes the importance of releasing the videos which captured the event in a timely manner and has made every effort to redact them to adhere to the City Council’s policy on Police Use of Force.

The first release of video was made on September 27, 2017 and included a total of 15 videos consisting of nine (9) Body Worn (BWC) and six (6) In-Car Camera (ICC) videos.  It also contained the dispatch audio file.

The second release of video material occurred on October 2, 2017.  It included another 13 videos consisting of five (5) BWC and eight (8) ICC.  This second release shows officers responding to the incident, but arriving after the exchange of gunfire.  

All video and audio that will be released has been redacted to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those involved.  The faces have been blurred, as outlined by the City Council policy.  Audio redactions are signified by muted audio with no accompanying sound.  

These videos may contain graphic images and/or profane language. Disclaimer: Personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, identities ETC.) have been redacted in the audio/video clips to protect the privacy of those involved.


Please be advised, the Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) photos released via the link provided below may contain graphic images. Disclaimer: Personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, identities ETC.) has been redacted to protect the privacy of those involved.



Once the investigation is complete, it will be submitted to the Sacramento District Attorney for review.