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Town Hall Meeting Report


In late 2017, Chief Daniel Hahn conducted a series of Town Hall Meetings in four areas of the City of Sacramento. These meetings were held at the locations and dates below: 

East Command Town Hall Meeting
Colonial Heights Library
4799 Stockton Boulevard
November 9, 2017

Central Command Town Hall Meeting
Hart Senior Center
927 27th Street
November 15, 2017

North Command Town Hall Meeting
South Natomas Community Center
2921 Truxel Road
November 30, 2017

South Command Town Hall Meeting
Pannell Meadowview Community Center
2450 Meadowview Road
December 7, 2017


At these meetings, community input was sought regarding key department priorities, service delivery and steps that can be made with community partners to advance the Sacramento Police Department (SPD).  The information gathered in these meetings will be used to help set Department priorities as we move forward.  The Town Hall Meeting Report, dated February 2, 2018, summarizes common themes and the Sacramento Police Department’s efforts to serve our City.

Links directly to each of the identified areas can be found below:

What do you think are the top city-wide priorities for SPD?

The three most common priorities that emerged as a result of the town hall meetings are:

What do you think SPD is doing well in your neighborhood?

The community agreed that the Sacramento Police Department has been doing well in the following areas:


What could SPD do better?

There are always areas for improvement.  Results of the Town Hall meetings indicate SPD needs to work on:

How can we partner together to serve your neighborhood better?

Two areas came up consistently during the Town Hall meetings.  First, it was asserted that Town Hall Meetings were helpful and would help serve neighborhoods better.  Secondly, there is a call for more community resources and better communication of the resources available through the Department.


The full itemized list of topics as brought forward by participants in the recent Town Hall meetings are included here:

 Town Hall Summary chart

Town Hall meeting summary chart - page 2

The Sacramento Police Department hopes that this document has helped to share information about our ongoing efforts to serve our community.  Suggestions, questions, or ideas for improvement can be directed to the Office of the Chief at (916) 808-0800 or by email at