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City ZEV Fleet

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai - Leased Fleet Vehicle

As of August 2017, the City Fleet consists of approximately 42% alternative fuel vehicles, with alternative fuels comprising 50% of overall fuel purchases. Of these vehicles, 12 are zero emission vehicles (ZEV) – either all-battery EVs or hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles. The fleet includes an additional 22 plug-in EVs. Sacramento consistently ranks as one of the top green fleets in the nation. Efforts to increase ZEVs in the fleet are ongoing.

Recent efforts include:

  •  Replacement of 35 light-duty sedans with Chevrolet Bolt EVs in March 2018, which increased the total number of ZEVs in the City fleet to 47 vehicles. Read more about the new sustainable additions to the City fleet.
  • Amendments to the Fleet Sustainability Policy, establishing a “ZEV First” Commitment. The new policy includes a pledge to achieve at least 50% of annual light-duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2018 and 75% of annual light-duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2020. Read the City’s fleet policy.
  • Leasing of two hydrogen-fuel cell Toyota Mirai.

Learn more about the City Green Fleet online.