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City ZEV Fleet

Hydrogen Toyota Mirai - Leased Fleet Vehicle

As of April 2019, the City Fleet consists of approximately 50% alternative fuel vehicles. Of these vehicles, 51 are zero emission vehicles (ZEV) – either all-battery EVs or hydrogen-fuel cell vehicles. Sacramento consistently ranks as one of the top green fleets in the nation. Efforts to increase ZEVs in the fleet are ongoing.

Recent efforts include:

  •  Replacement of 35 light-duty sedans with Chevrolet Bolt EVs in March 2018. Read more about the new sustainable additions to the City fleet.
  • Amendments to the Fleet Sustainability Policy, establishing a “ZEV First” Commitment. The new policy includes a pledge to achieve at least 50% of annual light-duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2018 and 75% of annual light-duty fleet purchases to be ZEV by 2020. Read the City’s fleet policy.
  • Leasing of two hydrogen-fuel cell Toyota Mirai.

Learn more about the City Green Fleet online.