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EV Charging Locations

A SMUD FastCharger at the Sacramento Valley Station

Sacramento has over 600 public and workplace chargers within city limits. The City’s interactive Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Map App shows publicly available EV charging locations and on- and off-street parking options within the community. This is a beta-version map is subject to ongoing updates and is intended for general reference purposes only. For information on EV charger availability or rates, please consult the respective EV charging network operator or site host. The City offers charging at no additional cost to patrons at City parking facilities (with exception of the pay-to-charge DC fast charger at the Sacramento Valley Station). City-owned facilities with chargers are identified in the interactive map.

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If you are searching for an address, please add Sacramento, CA after your search text.
For intersections, use an & between both streets, followed by Sacramento, CA.

Data source: U.S. Department of Energy Alternatives Fuel Data Center, City of Sacramento.

Charging and fueling quick facts

Plug-in vehicles can recharge at any outlet using a Level 1 plug which can add about 30 miles of charging during an eight-hour work day or 50 miles while you sleep at night. Level 2 charging is faster and typically provides a full charge in less than eight hours. DC fast charging is the fastest and can fill a car’s battery in less than 60 minutes. A hydrogen station fills a fuel cell electric vehicle in about five minutes.

Additional ZEV fueling options are also available in the region. As of April 2019, hydrogen refueling stations are operating in West Sacramento and Citrus Heights, with a third project under development in unincorporated Sacramento at Fair Oaks Boulevard and Watt Avenue (expected to open early 2019).

More information on alternative fueling options is available from the U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Database.