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Engineering Services

Underneath Richards Boulevard at Interstate 5

The Engineering Services Division focuses on managing the City’s investment in new transportation infrastructure. By planning, funding and delivering capital improvement projects, and reviewing private development projects, the division improves the safety and usability of the City’s transportation system for all users:  pedestrians, bicyclists and vehicles. The division delivers road, bridge, traffic signal, and street light improvement projects, and provides planning, design, inspection, and survey services.

Our mission is to provide on-time/on-budget delivery of transportation projects, at the highest level of quality, and with minimum disruptions in the project development cycle - from a project’s early planning and funding stages through design and construction completion. 

Ofelia Avalos – Engineering Services Manager

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Our Organization

Learn more about the Engineering Services Division and the functions of its different sections:

Programs & Services

These are provided for public use:

  • Public Right-of-Way Accessibility Program – learn how we make our streets more accessible for all users by removing obstacles and adding or improving infrastructure that is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  • Capital Improvement Program – view the Transportation Program section of the current Capital Improvement Program.
  • Construction Inspection Services – view lists of active capital improvement and private development projects in the public right-of-way that our construction inspectors are currently overseeing.
  • Survey Services – learn how to submit a request for surveying and construction staking by City survey crews. Research street ties and benchmarks on our online database, and view the City GPS Control Network.

Capital Improvement Projects

Learn more about how to bid on contracts for City projects. Learn about capital improvement projects that are currently in planning, design and construction, and have been recently completed.

Is your street scheduled to be resurfaced? Learn more about the City's Street Resurfacing Program and find out where streets and sidewalks will be closed for other construction projects.

Engineering Services Permits

Before any work is done in the public right-of-way (usually a sidewalk, street, alley or easement), or before part of the public right-of-way is blocked from public use, a permit must be issued by the City. Learn more about what is required and how to apply for a permit.

Minor Encroachment

  • Construction Encroachment Permit
  • Driveway Permit
  • Revocable Permit
  • Revocable Permit for Monitoring Well 

Major Encroachments

  • Public Improvement Plans

Transportation Permits

Transportation permits are required within the City when a vehicle and/or vehicle load is larger than 8’ 6” in width, 14’ in height, 40’ in length (single unit) or 65’ in length (combo unit). Learn more about permit requirements and how to apply for a Transportation Permit.

For inquiries relating to Engineering Services Permits, please send an email to:


Change the configuration of your property by:

For inquiries relating to Map Reviews / Property Line Changes, please send an email to: