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The Administration and Fiscal Support Section provides overall administrative and budget support for all sections in the Engineering Services Division, as well as assisting the Department of Public Works as a whole in budgeting, contracts, and audit support.


The section coordinates Department of Public Works contracts. This includes coordinating contracts with the City Attorney’s Office to ensure contracts are compliant with all local, State, and Federal regulations and forms, advertising contracts to the public, coordinating with the City Manager and City Council to guide contracts through the approval process, and monitoring labor compliance for active contracts.

Transportation Fund Management

The section provides transportation fund management services for the Public Works Department including revenue projections and budget tracking, fund programming and reports, compliance with funding requirements, and coordination of fund audits.

Capital Improvement Program

The section manages the Public Works Transportation Capital Improvement Program. This includes coordinating project status updates with project managers and section heads, allocating funding according to department and division management direction, and authoring reports to include in Transportation section of the Capital Improvement Program.

Grant Oversight

Many of the projects and programs administered by the Department of Public Works include grant funding from the State of California, Federal government, local government agencies and utilities, and private development partners. The Administration and Fiscal Support Section oversees the submission of grant funding applications, coordinates the acceptance of grants through the City Council, produces invoices for grant billing and produces grant funding status update reports for various agencies as required by law.