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Development Engineering

Development Engineering (DE) reviews the aspects of private development projects that are accessible to the public, such as sidewalks, trees and streetlights. These plan reviews are to ensure that projects:

  • Provide a safe, efficient roadway network that serves the needs of the community, and
  • Maintain a solid public infrastructure

Plan Check

Reviews public infrastructure aspects of proposed development projects.

Map Review

Occurs when an applicant wishes to combine or divide existing parcels.

Vacation (Abandonment)

Releasing a piece of public right-of-way or easement to an adjacent property.


Public Works Forms
A directory of forms which includes documents for plan check, map review and vacation/abandonment.

Engineering Fee Deposit Calculator
Calculates an estimate of the initial engineering fee deposit for a proposed project, based on the value of the improvements to be made.

Contact Information

For general questions regarding Development Engineering, call 916-808-8300.