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Major Encroachment/Plan Check

Development Engineering reviews plans to determine if the proposed development project may affect the public aspects of a project (i.e., the sidewalk, streets, etc.), and, if so, that these aspects are designed properly. The review ensures that the project will:

  1. Provide a safe, efficient roadway network that serves the needs of the community.
  2. Maintain public infrastructure.
  3. Promote economic development by providing an efficient review process.

Review Criteria

The proposed project is assigned to a Development Engineering Project Manager, who reviews the project for the following:

  • Proposed land uses and the project's effect on adjacent transportation facilities
  • Identify any associated safety concerns
  • Determine if there is a need for a traffic impact study
  • Classify adjacent roadways (for example, arterial, collector, or local) based on design speeds, level of access control, roadway connectivity and traffic volumes
  • Determine an appropriate access management strategy, which is based on adjacent roadway classifications. This includes identifying opportunities and constraints relating to driveway location and design, as well as turn movements to and from project sites
  • Evaluation of on-site circulation for vehicles and pedestrians, as well as parking layout design and on-site maneuvering
  • Evaluate other site design elements, including truck and service vehicle routing, emergency vehicle access, and loading dock location and design
  • Identify improvements to the public roadway system required to support the project.
  • Evaluate the effects of the proposed development on adjacent vacant parcels
  • Review the on-site and off-site plans to ensure proper design and agreement with all public improvements for commercial and residential projects, including:
    • Determining if existing public infrastructure is in compliance with current City, State, Federal standards and regulations, as well as conditions of project approval
    • Reviewing public improvement plans for public infrastructure (i.e., roads, streetlights, utility lines, traffic signals, and bridges) provided with commercial and residential development projects. Frontage improvements are addressed either by off-site improvement plans, or by encroachment permits

Fee Deposits for Improvement Plan Processing and Construction Inspection

Fee deposits are based on the value of the improvements. Deposits are paid in two stages as provided below. If charges exceed the deposits, the applicant will be invoiced for additional deposits to keep the account current. 10% of deposits will be deposited into the warranty account to cover various project expenses such as overall fund and system management, project closeout and warranty inspection work. A Fee Deposit Calculator is available online that generates the Plan Check and Construction Deposit amounts based on the Council approved Fee Schedule.

  1. Initial Plan Submittal:  The amount of the plan check deposit is equal to 60% of the Plan Check & Construction Deposit defined by the equation below. The value of improvements is determined by the engineer's estimate of the work that is reflected in the improvement plans at time of submittal.
  2. Issuance of Notice to Proceed with Construction:  The construction deposit is equal to 40% of the Plan Check & Construction Deposit defined by the equation below. The value of improvements is determined by the contractor's bid of the work reflected in the approved improvement plans.

Engineering Fee Schedule 

     x = value of improvement

    Value of Improvements Plan Check & Construction Deposit
    $0 - $24,999 [0.33 * x]
    $25,000 - $99,999 [0.09 * (x - $25,000) + $8,250]
    $100,000 - $499,999 [0.06 * (x - $100,000) + $15,000]
    $500,000 and above [0.016 * (x - $500,000) + $39,000]

    To calculate the deposit, locate the improvement value range and use the corresponding formula. A Fee Deposit Calculator is available online that generates the Plan Check and Construction Deposit amounts based on the Council approved Fee Schedule.

    At project closeout there will be a final fee invoiced if the account is negative, or a refund issued if there are funds remaining in the account.


    • Revision of "Section 15 - Street Design Standards" of the Design and Procedures Manual has been completed and approved. Effective immediately, please use this revised section for design of City streets. The revised Street Design Standards can be found below.

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