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Transportation Permits

Transportation Permits are required when a vehicle and/or vehicle load is larger than 8’6” in width, 14’ in height, 40’ in length (single unit) or 65’ in length (combo unit). Transportation Permits are issued on a single trip or annual basis, and are enforced by City police and the California Highway Patrol.

See the Transportation Permit Restrictions and Conditions and forms to apply for an Annual Blanket Permit or a Single Trip Permit.

Transportation Permits are only issued after the planned route and vehicle load have been examined for possible safety and traffic conflicts, and upon payment of the permit fee. The current fee is listed on the appropriate Transportation Permit application form.

Transportation Permit applications can be submitted with payment in person, or can be mailed along with a check payable to the “City of Sacramento” to:

Department of Public Works
915 I Street, 2nd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: Transportation Permits

Transportation Permit applications can also be faxed to 916-448-8450 along with a Credit Card Authorization Form. The Department of Public Works does not retain Credit Card Authorizations- they are destroyed at permit issuance.


Transportation Permit Fee Increases

Effective 07/01/2018, the application fee for a Single Trip Transportation Permit has increased from $15.00 to $16.00, and the application fee for an Annual Transportation Permit has increased from $70.00 to $90.00.

The existing Transportation Permit fees of $15.00 per single trip permit and $70.00 per annual permit had not changed in over 25 years. Permit fees were not sufficient to cover costs associated with administering the Transportation Permit Program. Section 35795 of the State Vehicle Code limits local agency Transportation Permit fees to the fee amounts set by the State of California for their permit program. Current State transportation permit fees are $16.00 per single trip permit and $90.00 per annual. The fee change increased the City's Transportation Permit fees to the State rate of $16.00 per single trip and $90.00 per annual permit to begin to align fee revenues received with program costs. Transportation permit forms reflecting the fee increase to use beginning July 1st, 2018 can be downloaded using the link below.

Online Transportation Permit Application and Issuance

The City of Sacramento is currently testing a web-based program for the application of Transportation Permits. The new system should allow for online payment for permit applications, permit review, and permit issuance. The City's goal for the program is to offer a more secure, reliable, and easy to use system for application and issuance of Transportation Permits. It is anticipated that the program will go on-line in August 2018, and that eventually all Transportation Permits will be issued using the new system. When the system does go live, a link to the system will be posted on this web page.

Instructions for setting up a new account and entering permit information and payment can be found below:

More information on the web-based program will follow as progress is made.

Other Notices