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Survey Services

A Surveyor working in the field

Horizontal Control

Ties are used by surveyors to verify the position of property corners and centerlines of roads. Search for ties within the City by street name or subdivision name with our online database.

Vertical Control

Benchmarks are used by surveyors to precisely measure the elevation of a location. Use the interactive web map to search and obtain details about the benchmarks or GPS Static Survey.

GPS Control Network

A GPS Static Survey to establish a primary horizontal control network for the City was conducted and constrained using fourteen first order California High Precision Geodetic Network monuments based on the 1983 North American Datum. A copy of the record of survey is provided to view or download.

Construction Staking Requests

Where applicable, the City provides construction staking. A contractor or their official representative may request staking using the Construction Staking Request Form and submitting it to the project engineer or the project construction inspector who will submit it to the project party chief. All staking requests must be received three working days prior to setting stakes. Incomplete requests may be returned to the contractor and will not be considered a cause for delay.