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2020 resurfacing projects

Workers performing a chip seal

 Project Description

The City of Sacramento Street Resurfacing Program provides various pavement preservation and maintenance treatments on our City streets. This program is a key component of the overall roadway pavement management strategy within the City limits. Each year funds are allocated to provide seal coats and asphalt overlays to City streets which extends their useful service life span.
In 2019 the City did not award the annual resurfacing project which deferred the maintenance to 2020. As a result, this year’s resurfacing work will include multiple construction contracts. These include:

  • Seal Coat Package 1 – Westlake, Regency Park, Florin Road (Pocket Area), Franklin Boulevard, & Niños Parkway
  • Seal Coat Package 2 – Upper Land Park, Tahoe Park, Creekside, & Misc. Bike Trail Connections
  • Folsom Boulevard Overlay Project – Power Inn Road to Florin Perkins Road


  • The City’s annual resurfacing project has the primary goal of improving roadway pavement condition and extending pavement service life. These projects also provide an important opportunity to refresh traffic control features (signing and striping), implement key safety improvements, improve signal operation and detection, and upgrade non-ADA-compliant curb ramps. Refresh traffic control features (signing and striping)
  • Implement key safety improvements
  • Improved pavement condition and service life
  • Upgraded traffic signal detection systems
  • Upgrade existing non-ADA compliant curb ramps


The estimated total construction cost for these projects is $6 million. These improvements are primarily funded using Senate Bill 1 (SB1), Measure A funding. These funds are supplemented with local Roadway Maintenance and Rehabilitation funds. 


Project Manager, Josh Werner
Office: (916) 808-8158