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Bicyclists crossing Interstate 80 on the new bridge

Figure 1 - Completed Bridge in Use

Project Description

The project consisted of the design and construction of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge crossing Interstate 80 at Natomas West Canal and a grade level bridge over the West Canal.


The bicycle and pedestrian crossing is an important link for the region. It connects hundreds of miles of bike trails throughout Sacramento County and surrounding areas. It connects the major trail system in North Natomas to the major trail system in South Natomas and points further south. This connection provides intra-community bicycle and pedestrian connection to downtown from areas to the north. The project provides a crossing over Interstate 80 and another crossing over the West Drainage Canal. This connection is a vital link for a major north-south bike and pedestrian corridor connecting Downtown to Natomas and to destinations further north.

Costs and Funding

The total project cost was $6 million. Funding is provided by federal and local matching funds.


The project was completed in October 2011.


Zuhair Amawi, Associate Civil Engineer
Office: (916) 808-7620