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R STREET PHASE III - 13th to 16th streets

 Figure 1- Proposed R Street Phase III Improvements


The total cost of the project including planning, design, construction and construction managements is estimated to be $8.4 million.

Proposed Improvements

The following improvements are proposed for R Street between 13th Street to 16th Street:

  • Replacing the existing asphaltic concrete (AC) travel way with Portland cement concrete (PCC).
  • Providing a 22-foot-wide travel way, with one 11-foot-wide lane in each direction. Stop signs that are currently in place at all intersections would be maintained.
  • Constructing bulb-outs at intersection corners protruding six (6) feet into the numbered streets to shorten crosswalk distances. ADA compliant curb ramps are proposed at the intersections of R and 13th, 14th, and 15th streets.
  • Two existing bike corrals will be replaced.
  • Constructing pedestrian walkway improvements with a four (4)-inch-high curb.
  • Providing parallel parking on the north and south sides of R Street except no parking will be permitted on the north side et between 15th Street and 16th Street.
  • Providing new industrial stylized lighting.
  • Constructing an underground drainage system to accommodate street run-off.
  • Reconstructing the main railroad track to accommodate the proposed grades and drainage. Distorted tracks would be replaced in kind, if economically feasible, with warehoused rail stock or new rails. New rails will be installed between 15th and 16th streets to provide continuity along the R Street corridor.
  • Granite curbstones would be cast into the concrete roadway section at their current locations and would conform to any alignment or elevation adjustments that may be required for all tracks.
  • Adding project site beautification elements to the walkway such as textured or colored concrete complimenting the industrial nature of the corridor utilizing shades of grey.

R Street Phase III ProposedFigure 2 - R Street at 14th Street, looking East


The project will improve pedestrian safety and accessibility and provide streetscape improvements while maintaining the street's historic sense of shared space between pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.


Planning and design of the project are funded by Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) in the amount of $452,050, a Federal Capital Grant in the amount of $422,950 and Sacramento Housing Authority Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds in the amount of $75,000.

The total cost of the project including planning, design, construction and construction managements is estimated to be $5.4 million


Currently, the City is performing underground utility improvements and are planning to start the major construction operations on November 13 on the 1300 block of R Street — pending favorable weather conditions. Message signs will be posted in advance to inform the public of the roadway closure.

The following schedule is subject to change:

  • 1300 block – Construction will begin in November 2017 and will last for approximately 3 months
  • 1400 block- Construction is anticipated to begin in February 2018 or immediately following the completion of 1300 block.
  • 1500 block- Construction is anticipated to begin in May 2018 or immediately following the completion of 1400 block.


Zuhair Amawi, Senior Engineer
Office: (916) 808-7620