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Existing I Street Bridge

Figure 1 - Existing I Street Bridge

Project Description

The cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento together have recognized the need for more river crossings. In 2011, the cities completed the Sacramento River Crossings Alternatives Study which identified the purpose and need for new bridge crossings. The study concluded that a North Market crossing was needed to replace the I Street Bridge.

The I Street Bridge is 100 years old and the lanes are too narrow to serve buses, there are no bicycle lanes, and sidewalks are too narrow to meet accessibility standards. The I Street Bridge Replacement project will include construction of a new bridge upstream of the existing I Street Bridge. The new bridge will cross the Sacramento River between the Sacramento Railyards and the West Sacramento Washington planned developments and provide a new bicycle, pedestrian, and automobile crossing. The existing I Street Bridge would continue to be used by the railroad. The approach viaducts to the existing I Street Bridge will be demolished, which should result in better access to the water front in both cities.

Project Area Map.

Figure 2 - Project Area Map


The project will improve mobility for motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians, and promote economic development by creating new access to the planned Railyards on the Sacramento side as well as better access to West Sacramento and the Sacramento River waterfront.

Costs and Funding

In February 2013, both City Councils directed staff to apply for federal funds for a new bridge across the Sacramento River north of the existing I Street Bridge. In May 2013, Caltrans authorized federal funds for the cities to begin preliminary engineering for all the associated improvements. The preliminary engineering phase is fully funded.

The cities of West Sacramento and Sacramento have agreed to share the local expenses associated with delivering the project. This includes federal matching requirements and other non-federally eligible expenses. Total project costs are currently estimated at $70-80 million.


As the lead agency, the City of Sacramento advertised a competitive solicitation for proposals from professional engineering teams to provide planning and design services for the new bridge. Based upon the merits of the proposals and conducting interviews, a panel of engineering staff from West Sacramento, Sacramento and Caltrans established the top ranked consultant team to accomplish the project approvals and environmental documentation necessary for the new bridge.

The environmental documentation and preliminary engineering process should be completed by mid-2016.

I Street Bridge Replacement Development Process

Community Involvement

The I Street Bridge Replacement project includes a community engagement program to inform and involve the community throughout the process. [Sign up to receive email updates]

Environmental Documents

The project team completed a draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (Draft EIR/EA) for the I Street Bridge Replacement project. The Draft EIR/EA was released on Thursday, September 28 and is now available for public viewing:

The draft EIR/EA is also available for public review and comment in hard copy at these locations:

  • Community Development Department, 300 Richards Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Sacramento, California 95811

  • The City of West Sacramento’s Community Development Department Office, 1110 West Capitol Avenue, 2nd Floor, West Sacramento, CA 95691

  • The downtown Central Library and the Arthur F Turner Library in West Sacramento

Community Meeting

Thursday, October 26, 2017
5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Stanford Gallery, 111 I Street, Sacramento
Click here for a downloadable flyer.

Join the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento for a community meeting to receive a progress update about the I Street Bridge Replacement Project. A new, low-level, neighborhood-friendly bridge upstream of the I Street Bridge is being planned to provide better access for bicycles and pedestrians, and serve motorists more efficiently.


The project team completed a draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment (Draft EIR/EA) for the I Street Bridge Replacement project. The Draft EIR/EA is now available for public viewing online and in hard copy at various locations.


Staffed information stations with maps and other project materials will be available from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. Community members will have a chance to provide input on the project and review the EIR/EA with the project team members.


Environmental Scoping Meeting

The cities and the project team hosted an Environmental Scoping Meeting on October 9, 2014. The purpose was to provide a project update and to collect feedback from interested parties to help inform the environmental studies. The meeting provided project background, schedule, a summary of feedback from previous meetings and a review of environmental considerations. Immediately following the meeting, the project team took public members on a walking tour to show the proposed bridge crossing location and other site considerations.

Approximately 46 community members attended the scoping meeting and walking tour, and 10 community members submitted feedback regarding the bridge design, access, construction, and environmental concerns.

View a summary of the meeting here and view attached documents submitted by local agencies here.

Community Open House

The cities and the project team hosted a community open house meeting in June 2014. The purpose was to share information and receive input from the public about the project. The open house provided the project background and schedule and current phase of work as well as an opportunity for the community to provide feedback on specific bridge elements that should be considered when the project moves into the design phase, and to view other planning efforts within the project area.

Approximately 20 community members submitted feedback via comment cards about bridge design and aesthetics, access, and environmental issues. Overwhelmingly, community members expressed a desire to create a bridge that is bike and pedestrian friendly to encourage safe and direct travel between Sacramento and West Sacramento. In addition, community members encouraged the cities to expedite the project.

View a summary of the meeting and community feedback received


Jesse Gothan, Project Manager
Office: 916-808-6897