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Interstate 5 / Richards Boulevard Interchange Project

I-5 Richards Boulevard

Join the City of Sacramento in a virtual open house to learn more about the project’s alternatives for improving bike and pedestrian access in the Richards/I-­5 Interchange area.

Please watch the below video, and provide your comments or questions to the project team by submitting a comment form below from May 11 – 22, 2020.

Download and share the flyer with your friends and family!



Learn more about how a Diverging Diamond Interchange, or DDI, operates in the example videos below.


Learn more about a DDI

The Washington State Department of Transportation is currently constructing a Diverging Diamond Interchange on Interstate 5 in the City of Lacey. The promotional video above gives a good introduction to traffic operations of Diverging Diamond Interchanges from the 0:00 to 2:15 mark. The interchange configuration has some notable similarities to what is being proposed at Richards Boulevard with one significant exception. The Richards Boulevard interchange is proposed to go under Interstate 5 while the Marvin Road interchange goes over Interstate 5. There is a computer animation showing what a similar drive through the interchange over Interstate 5 might look like from the 2:15 to 2:45 mark in the video.


Driver's perspective DDI

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has constructed a Diverging Diamond Interchange at the convergence of Interstate 70 and Highway 19. This interchange is very similar to the Richards Boulevard interchange in that it will be an undercrossing of the freeway, and has the added benefit of having been constructed allowing for actual drive through footage. The video above is a good proxy for what it might be like to drive through the Richards Boulevard interchange in the future. The first segment of the video, from 0:00 to 3:00, simulates driving on westbound Richards Boulevard from Bercut Drive to Jiboom Street. The second segment, from 3:00 – 5:00, simulates driving on westbound Richards Boulevard from Bercut Drive to the southbound Interstate 5 on-ramp. The third and final segment, from 5:00 – 6:46, simulates driving from the northbound Interstate 5 off-ramp to westbound Richards Boulevard.