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The objective of this project is to enhance safety of the roadway segment of Valley Hi Drive and La Mancha Way bounded to the south by Bruceville Road and to the north by Creek Centre Court. The project consists of installing a new traffic signal and pedestrian crossing, curb extensions, pedestrian median fencing, and extending the raised medians.


Valley Hi between Mack Road and Bruceville Road is a six-lane collector with a 35-mph posted speed limit. There is a raised median to limit conflict zones and vehicle crossing, and a desire for pedestrians to cross between the two shopping centers on either side of the street.
La Mancha way north of Mack Road also has a raised median, but only for the 270 feet beyond its intersection with Mack Road. This section of La Mancha Way starts with six lanes at its intersection with Mack Road, but through lane reductions becomes a two-lane local street by Creek Centre Court with a 40-mph posted speed limit.


The Valley Hi Drive - La Mancha Way Corridor Improvement Project will make several improvements that will benefit the community including:

  • Improved pedestrian crossing
  • Reduced pedestrian exposure
  • Safety improvements for people walking and driving


La Mancha Project Map


The City was awarded federal funding for the design and construction of the Valley Hi Drive - La Mancha Way Corridor Improvement Project.


Spring 2023: Plan, Specification and Estimate, Right of Way Coordination
Summer 2024: Begin Construction


James Kragh, P.E.
Associate Civil Engineer
Public Works – Engineering Services
Funding and Project Development