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Meadowview Road Streetscape

Picture of existing conditions at Meadowview road.

Figure 1 - Existing Conditions

Project Description

The City is looking at ways to improve driving, bicycling, and walking on Meadowview Road and 24th Street. The project will make the Meadowview Road experience more attractive. Center road medians with landscaping, monument signage, and pavement treatments at crosswalks will be added to create a sense of place. 

The Meadowview Urban Design Plan, completed in 2003, provided guidelines for the ongoing revitalization and beautification of the Meadowview community. Portions of the plan were accomplished through both private development and City projects. Most recently the City made improvements to the intersection of Freeport Boulevard and Meadowview Road, and constructed a decorative masonry sound wall along the south side of Meadowview Road. The Meadowview Road and 24th Street project will complete the vision.


The goal of this project is to make Meadowview Road and 24th Street a more inviting and safe place for all users by adding bike lanes, wider sidewalks, and public art.   

Costs and Funding

This project is funded through a Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) Community Design Grant. As part of the project, the City will be submitting an application for additional design and construction grant funds.


The project team is current working on reviewing existing conditions of the corridors and developing preliminary design concepts.

This summer, the project team will finalize community design grant applications and environmental documentation. In the fall of this year, the project team will begin the engineering and design phase which will conclude in summer 2016. Public outreach will occur throughout the duration of the project.

Community Involvement

The Meadowview Road and 24th Street Streetscape Project includes a community engagement program to inform and involve the community throughout the process.   Sign up to receive email updates

Open House: Feb. 25, 2016

The City hosted a community open house meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. at the Sam and Bonnie Pannell Community Center. The project team provided an update on the project and shared proposed preliminary design concepts for the first phase of improvements on Meadowview Road between 24th Street and Coral Gables Court. The open house provided information on the proposed improvements, the updated project schedule, and feedback collected prior to the open house meeting. More than 25 community members attended the community open house and shared their feedback. View a summary of the meeting

Open House: Jun. 4, 2015

The City hosted a community open house meeting on Thursday, June 4 at the Sam and Bonnie Pannell Community Center. The purpose of the community open house was to provide the community with an opportunity to provide input and receive an update on the project’s status. The open house provided information regarding the schedule, phase one designs and improvements, the grant application process, and community engagement feedback collected prior to the open house meeting. Over 30 community members attended the meeting and provided feedback. View a summary of the meeting

Please check back for future meetings and project updates.


Cecily Foote, Project Manager
Office: 916-808-6843